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Galaxy MB8719 Phase Lock Loop RCI8719

Galaxy MB8719 - Phase Lock Loop RCI8719

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The MB8719 is a common integrated circuit in many OEM 40 channel radios. The Galaxy MB8719 Phase Lock Loop RCI8719 is a replacement part that is compatible with MB8719 ICs. There are minor differences between pin outs, however the operation on channels 1-40 will be unaffected. Radios such as the Cobra 140, 142, 148, Uniden Grant XL, & LT’s, and those made by Midland and Galaxy are some of the AM/SSB Radios utilizing the MB8719 phase lock look component.

The MB8719 has been used in the most popular Uniden chassis ever made and is still in worldwide use today. A 6-pin binary programmable chip the MB8719 has proven reliable in AM/SSB radios in the U.S. and abroad.

Product Features

  • MB8719 Phase Lock Loop IC
  • AM/SSB radio compatible
Excellent product, no argument there, and although it can be used in cobra, and other radios (that use the MB8719 chip), and permit normal "stock" function, there are applications that cannot be effected in these non Saturn/RCI radios where the RCI8719 chip has been substituted. This is because the MB8719, and the RCI8719 are not the same chip! Although they are very similar, the RCI8719, is actually equivalent to the MB8734 chip! So in the future instead of advertising that you stock the MB8719 PLL, I would consider listing it as the "RCI8719/MB8734PLL". I specifically needed the MB8719PLL. Imagine my dismay when I received the RCI8719/MB8734PLL! You might consider stocking both the RCI8719, and the MB8719. I hope this keeps someone else from buying "the wrong chip". Thanks, Wayne
Good part. It's the Ranger RCI 8719-99. Exactly the one I had in my radio.
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