HUMMER-CB-RADIO-KIT - H2 Hummer Cb Radio

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This is a great solution for a CB system for the H2 Hummer. I came across a site on the web that deserves credit for this package. We aren't sure who owns the site and we are not affiliated with them, but they have some good install info:

H2 Hummer CB Antenna Installation

On this page you will choose your radio and antenna. Once you add this item to the cart, the remaining components will be added as well.

Hummer CB Radio

While the Midland 75-822 is recommended for this kit, we feel the Cobra 75 WX ST would also fit the bill. The differences in the installation are minimal. For the 75WXST you wouldn't need to modify the radio for the mic hanger, and the power would either have to be hard wired, or you would need a cigarette lighter adapter. Additionally, we have made the radio optional for this kit, incase you already have something bigger an better in mind.

Hummer CB Antenna

We recommend sticking to the recommendation for a Firefly antenna for this setup. We have included a few options for length and color. All the options here are compatible with the mount included with the kit.

Other item in this kit:

FireStik MU8R Single Antenna CB Coax - High quality Firestik CB coax with a removeable connector for easy install

FireStik SSJ4 Fender CB Antenna Mount - Antenna mount. Connects to roof rack (see link above)

AUQD Antenna Quick Disconnect for CB Antennas - allows you to easily remove your antenna. Good for entering garages and low overhang spaces!

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