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Handheld CB Radios

Handheld CB radios are highly mobile CB's that operate on batteries and have a small one or two foot antenna mounted directly on the radio.  They are often referred to as "walkie-talkies" like their FRS/GMRS radio counter parts, but they operate on different frequencies. All CB radios will communicate with all other CB radios, but not with UHF, VHF, FRS, GMRS or any other type of radio.

Our best handheld CB is the Midland 75-822.  Not only is this a great handheld, but it comes with a slide-on adapter that allows it to be used as a mobile radio. This is great for anyone that can't decide between a fix mount or handheld CB. You have both! We also have the HHROADTRIP from Cobra that comes with an external magnet mount antenna for mobile use. Find more advice about choosing the best handheld CB radio.

As far as power and range go, all of our handhelds are going to be the same. They output the same 4 watts as mobile radios. This is the maximum the FCC will allow. To extend the range, a two foot SA2 antenna can be purchased.  

You can browse our selection of handheld radios below. The options on the left hand side will let you narrow the selection by brand, features, and price.


Factory original replacement AC wall adapter for the Midland two-in-one CB radio. Compatible with the 75-822 CB radio battery case. Whether you’re replacing your Midland CB radios AC wall adapter or purchasing a second one, you know that this AC adapter is designed specifically for your radio.

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The Midland 75-785 is a compact handheld CB radio that is inexpensive and easy to operate. It runs on 9 AA batteries. While this is a great radio for the money, we recommend the Midland 75-822 if you have the extra cash.

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The Midland 75-822 is our most popular handheld radio. This is due in part to this radio's outstanding performance as a handheld, but this CB also doubles as a mobile when the included mobile adapter is used. The 75-822 portable CB has all the power and features you could need. Lightweight, this model can be converted from a handheld radio to a mobile radio with the 18-821 (included) vehicle adapter and an external antenna (not included).

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