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Hustler CB Antennas

Hustler CB antennas have been in production for roughly a half century and are now produced by the New-Tronics Antenna Corporation. They manufacture some of the highest quality antennas and accessories available on the market.

The IC56 is the best selling 102" whip available today. When you pair this with a Hustler ball mount and spring, you have a highly durable setup that performs incredibly well. We also carry a whip tie down for these antennas.  Hustler also still makes the RTG-27L, which is the only gutter mount CB antenna still available.

Hustler magnet mount antennas rival other manufacturers for quality and the always desirable ability to stay upright. And their center load SCB antennas are incredibly durable.  And if you are looking for an antenna for your Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am replica, the IC20 roof mount antenna is about as close as you can get these days.

Hustler accessories can be a little more expensive than other brands. When you hold them in your hands, though, you will see you are paying for better materials and higher quality workmanship.

If you need assistance with deciding on the right CB Antenna for your needs, we recommend reading our guide on picking the best CB antenna for your particular needs.