HQ27 55-Inch Steel Center Load CB Antenna

Hustler HQ27 55-Inch Steel CB Antenna



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After 20 years of proven performance, the HQ-27 remains one of the most popular CB antennas on the market. No other antenna in this price range can deliver the great range and tough, long lasting construction that the HQ-27 does.




  • 4.5 Ft.
  • 3/8 inch x 24


This antenna is the best looking that I have tried yet, it is on a 90 mazda B2600i 4x4, mounted on the drivers side with a hood fender mount.While my radio is in the shop I am unable to test it, but I have used many Hustler antenna's in the past, everything from CB to HAM radio VHF bands, I know it will work perfect !Processing and shipping from CB World was super fast! The product showed up at least 2 or 3 days sooner then I expected.I will be doing my future purchase here !JefferyHillsboro, Oregon

Installed my pair of HQ 55 antennas on my 2002 Volvo semi. I dropped the whips all the way down into the loads and then pulled up 1/4 inch, match was 1.3/1. Good enough! Heard skip stations I never heard on the old antennas. Can't wait to get on the road to use them! Gary N. K8GEN/ KGO3609

Excellent antenna. Works well on a pickup tool box center mounted. Great on semi trucks on mirror mounts and also on the grab bar above rear window...gets you up over the trailer. Long lasting construction, excellent range and performance as well. Highly recommended. I am running 4 of these on my pickups and semi\'s.Just ordered more to have on hand...just in case . Not available in my area in local cb shops or truck stops.

This is a very good antenna. I am impressed with the reception and it was easy to install. Detailed instructions. Very good choice in antennas.