SSM-2 Large Ball Mount

SSM2 - Hustler Large Ball Mount

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Hustler stainless steel ball mounts are versatile mounts that attaches to any flat surface and allows you to rotate the ball so that your antenna is vertical, no matter the angle of the mounting surface. You will need access to the opposite site of the mounting surface to tighten the mounting bolts and attach your CB coax.

CB antenna mount features:

  • Exceptional performance and quality.
  • 180 degree adjustable reinforced stainless ball.
  • Professional quality Cycolac bases for greatest mechanical stability.
  • Exclusive "C" backup plate allows external installation.
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware and the cork pad.
  • Applicable with all Hustler and other 3/8" x 24 thread CB antennas.


A CB coax with lug connectors (hoop connectors) is recommended for this mount.


This is a sturdy mount that is compatible with 3/8 x 24 threaded antennas, even the big 102 inch whips. For shorter or lighter antennas, you can save some money and go with this CB antenna ball mount.

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Ball Mount
Thread Type:
3/8" x 24
I have 4 other Ball Mounts, all Stainless. 3 out of the 4 are doing fine but the one that has problems does get abused big time out here in the Tundra of Alaska due to the antenna always getting hit. (It's on a Argo Tracked vechile.) The ball wobbles due to the abuse - the problem is inside the ball. Otherwise, it's my perfered Ball Mount.
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