In Dash Mount for Small Uniden CB Radios

DINXXXX - In Dash Radio Mount

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If you are looking for a clean installation option, try an in-dash radio mount. When paired with the right sized radio, these mounts help you install your CB or Ham radio right in the dash just like your AM/FM radio. These are single DIN kits, like most car stereos. Vehicles with 2 DIN available will allow for a CB and AM/FM radio to be installed simultaneously. We recommend using an external CB speaker with these kits, as mounting a CB radio in the dash will muffle the speaker on the radio.


  • DIN0014 - This dash mount was originally designed for the President Johnson II radios. It also works with the Uniden PRO538W and the President Lincoln II (this is a ham radio). The opening in this mount is 6 3/4" wide and 2" tall.
  • DIN0020 - This mount will fit the Uniden PRO520XL and PRO510XL CB radios. The opening in this one is 4 5/8" wide and 1 7/16" tall.
  • DIN0240 - This mount was designed for the Cobra C19DXIV radio. It will also fit the 19DXIV camo and 19DXIII. It will also fit the Midland 1001Z and 1001LWX, although those radios have to sit behind the mount's faceplate. The opening for this mount is 4 9/16" wide and 1 3/4" tall.
  • DIN5090 - This mount will fit Magnum 257 and 257HP radios. The opening for this mount is 6" wide and 2" tall.

Each kit includes a single DIN mount and a black nomenclature plate. Some kits also include brackets to connect the plate to the DIN mount.

The Din mount was exactly what I needed to install a 510 in the overhead console of our Sprinter Van. I was trying to fabricate something and this just took all the work out of the job. Nice fit, supports the radio and slid right in.

Good fast service from CB World. Thanks.
Definitely a single din bezel but the machining was sub par. Used this kit to install my Midland 1001LWX and although it worked it required significant modification. Glad this product exists though.
Perfect fit in standard DIN slot, five minute installation, very solid.
I purchased this to serve as my second DIN under my head unit in a double-DIN space (2013 Jeep Wrangler).

I was unable to use the silver sleeve portion in any way to mount as it was simply too big (to work the width on the outside of the sleeve needed to be the same width as my single DIN head unit, 178mm). I ended up using just the black portion, drilling new holes on the face of it to screw down to a mounting block. The outer dimensions of the black part are also too big, but I was able to set it far enough back into the dash to occupy space behind the dash trim (instead of flush with the dash as I had expected).

The inner portion that holds the Uniden worked fine.
Worked great, installed in smitty built console fore my FJ40
Mounted a Cobra 19DXIV in my Ford with no trouble. The sleeve went right in and the radio fit it perfectly.
The description listed for this product indicates that it will correctly fit a set of smaller CB radios for the purpose of mounting them in either a single DIN or double DIN dashboard. My Cobra 19DXIV did fit nicely into the mounting brackets and sleeve and allowed me to use it with another single DIN device; however, the dimensions of both the bracket and the sleeve were too big to allow proper mounting in my vehicle (2000 Tacoma). I had to cut approx 1/8" off the outside edges of both brackets and the bottom of the sleeve in order to allow the dash to seat properly. I have yet to attempt to use the face plate as it is too long and tall as well. Hopefully, I will be able to re-size it without damaging the finish.I assumed that the high price of this item would result in a precision fit and I was dramatically disappointed. I would not recommend this product for mounting a CB radio in a 2000 Tacoma, though it may work well in other vehicles.
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