Firestik NGP CB Antenna Kit

Model: FG2648-B

Price: $67.84

The Firestik NGP CB Antenna Kit is a complete no ground plane antenna kit for use on RV’s, boats, and other vehicles that are constructed of fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, or wood. Any vehicle type that doesn’t have enough metal for an adequate ground plane is a candidate for the NGP antenna kit. Traditional CB antennas reflect their signal off a metal surface such as an automobile body. The FireStik NGP antenna kit contains its own isolated ground plane that compensates for lack of metallic surface that is increasingly common in newer vehicles.

The FireStik NGP antenna is a 5/8 wave design and features bare hands tuning. The NGP antenna will pick up NOAA weather frequencies even though it contains no “weather trap”.

The FireStik NGP kit makes a great base antenna and can be use on backpack frames, ATV’s, motorcycles, and for many other specialized applications. It is available with a choice of the versatile 3-way antenna mount. The NGP kit is also available with a flat roof mount that is only available with a 2 foot fiberglass whip.


The FireStik NGP antenna is a 5/8 wave bare hands tuneable design similar to the FS series. The NGP is a 40 channel CB antenna designed for 27 MHz frequency reception. It is available in 2, 3, and 4 foot whip lengths and black, white, red, or blue color depending on size selected. The NGP antenna is modified for use only with no ground plane and will not for installations that contain appropriate a ground plane. The NGP antenna is designed only for use with the FireStik NGP coax cable.

Mounting bracket and spring

The Firestik NGP CB antenna Kit is available with a Stainless steel 3-way or roof mount bracket. Roof mount is only available with a 2 foot whip antenna. A stainless steel antenna spring/stud combo comes standard with either kit.

There are two options for the mount in these kits, the rooftop mount (disc mount) or a 3 way mount. Both are stainless steel and include the same spring/stud combo.

The roof mount is designed for use on a flat horizontal surface up to 1/4" thick. The thickness is limited by the bolt that passes through the surface from underneath, screwing into the spring and holding the mount components in place. The bolt is actually long enough to allow for a slightly thicker surface, but this is not recommended. You can replace the stock bolt with a longer 3/8" x 24 threaded bolt to allow for a thicker installation surface. Just make sure to insulate the bolt from the surface (included washers achieve this for the stock bolt). It is only necessary to connect the center wire from the cable to the underside of this mount. There is no need to connect the shield for ground. The mount consists of the bolt, washers, spring, two 2.5" diameter stainless steel discs and a 2.5" rubber disc. When installed, one disc and the rubber disc will be on top of the mounting surface while the remaining disc is underneath. The cable connects on the underside of the mounting surface. This makes routing the cable much easier.

The 3 way mount is designed to be used in multiple ways. It can be used as a mirror or post mount, attaching to any horizontal or vertical post up to 0.850" thick (or up to 1.5" thick if you replace the stock bolts with longer ones). If you leave off the back plate this antenna mount can also be used as a 90 degree mount (or side mount). It can be bolted to any flat, vertical surface such as the side of a vehicle or building.


The NGP kit comes complete with 17 feet of high quality coax with a PL259 connector. The antenna end of the coax is unprocessed, but a crimp-on hoop connector is included for connecting the antenna to the mount. This allows for ease of routing the coax. FireStik’s NGP coax is a multi-stranded center wire conductor surround by an extra durable polyethylene insulation layer. The coax is a tuned circuit that creates the antenna counterpoise. The NGP Coax is NOT designed to be shortened.

Product Features

  • 5/8 wave FireStik II NGP antenna
  • Bare-hands tunable tip
  • Rated for 100 watts
  • Stainless Steel mount
  • Stainless steel spring
  • 17 feet of high quality coax cable
  • Still made in America!
  • Warranty:
    • Antenna - 5 years
    • Mount & Spring - 2 years
    • Cable - 1 year