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Jeep CB Radio Kit

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Jeep CB Radio


Installing a CB radio in your Jeep can be a difficult task.  If you want to avoid hours of research, trying to figure out which components are best and are compatible, this Jeep CB radio kit is what you need.  We have taken all the work out of it for you.  No matter which CB radio, CB antenna, and CB antenna mount you choose, we guarantee they will be compatible with each other.  You just have to make sure to choose the correct antenna mount for your Jeep model and year.

Below, we have outlined the options for your CB radio, antenna, and mount.  In addition to that information, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you choose the Cobra 75 WX ST CB radio, you will not need an external speaker.  You can change the selection to "None" under the Accessories tab.
  • Be sure to choose the correct antenna mount for your Jeep model and year
  • All the antenna mounts include the mount, cable, and stud.
  • We highly recommend a spring for your antenna, but it is optional.
  • All the items under the Accessories tab are optional.  You can choose "None" to remove them from the configuration
  • You will have the option for free shipping with any configuration of this kit!

Jeep CB Radio

Jeeps and other off road vehicles tend to have less space for mounting a CB radio.  Because of this, we typically recommend a small radio for a Jeep.  The smaller radios we offer in this package put out the maximum allowed 4 watts just like the bigger radios.  If you do find a little more room for a CB in your Jeep, we recommend the PC68ELITE.

Cobra 75 WX ST

  • Includes weather Channels
  • All-in-Handset design makes this our most compact CB Radio
  • Instant emergency channels

Uniden PRO520XL

  • Compact radio takes up little space
  • Basic feature set, easy to operate
  • Optional PA speaker jack

Uniden BC880

  • Larger radio with more features
  • Includes Weather Channels
  • Illuminated face

Jeep CB Antenna

As with all CB radio antennas, the antenna for your Jeep should be as tall as you can accommodate on your vehicle without becoming dangerous or impractical.  A taller CB antenna will mean longer range and better reception.  With less stable mounts, such as the fender mounts, you will want to stick with a 3 or 4 foot antenna.

Firestik FS II

  • Heavier antenna
  • Tuneable tip
  • Several color options
  • Stiff antenna, not extremely flexible

Wilson Flex

  • Lighter antenna
  • Tuneable tip
  • Black only
  • More flexible CB antenna

Francis Hot Rod

  • Lightern CB antenna
  • More difficult to tune
  • Several color options
  • More flexible antenna
  • Internal winding make this antenna more durable

Jeep Antennna Mount

We have several options for mounting your Jeep CB antenna.  Some antenna mounts will only work with certain Jeep styles and model years.  Be sure to double check the CB antenna mount you choose with your Jeep to ensure compatiblity.  You can always contact us to confirm it will work. 

3 Way CB Antenna Mount Kit

  • Universal mount compatible with all Jeeps
  • 3 mounting options
    • Horizontal post
    • Vertical post
    • Remove back plate and use as L bracket
  • May require drilling new holes

AUC10K ll Hood Mount with Coax Cable

  • Universal mount compatible with any Jeep With a hood channel up to 2" deep
  • Mounts between hood and fender
  • May require drilling new holes

AUC11K Short Hood Mount Kit for CB Antenna

  • Universal mount compatible with any Jeep With a hood channel up to 1 3/8" deep
  • Mounts between hood and fender
  • May require drilling new holes

Fender CB Antenna Mount Kit for 2007+ Wrangler Jeeps

  • Compatible with 2007 and new Jeep Wrangler 
  • Mounts between hood and fender
  • Does not require drilling holes

MKJ4R Hood Channel Jeep Antenna Mount Kit

  • Compatible with 1997 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Mounts between hood and fender
  • Requires drilling new holes

MKM2 Molded Side Mount CB Antenna Kit

  • Universal mount compatible with all Jeeps
  • Mounts on flat, vertical surface (side or back of Jeep)
  • Requires drilling new holes

 Teraflex Wrangler Tire Rack Mounting Kit

  • Compatible with JK Jeeps
  • Mounts on tire rack
  • Does not require drilling holes

Teraflex CB Antenna Mount Kit for Jeep

  • Compatible with CJ, YJ, and TJ Jeeps
  • Mounts under left or right tail light
  • Does not require drilling holes


This is a great place to put a cb kit together for a jeep. I went with the recommended radio and antenna with a spare tire mount and included the antenna tuner and extra speaker. Everything works good together and the antenna tuned good. I am very happy with the parts and with the service at CB World
This is a great product. The page made had everything I needed for my cb radio all in one place. It took a lot of pain out of picking out a radio for my Jeep.
This is a great kit with many good options. I went with the Cobra 75WXST CB radio, a 4 foot Firestik, and the Teraflex tail light CB antenna mount. Everything installed easily and works very well. I ended up with an extra speaker, but I just gave that to a buddy.
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