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KMH4-B Black CB Microphone Clip

Kalibur KMH4-B - Black CB Microphone Clip

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Kalibur products KMH4-B Black CB Microphone Clip is a universal microphone holder that attaches where you want it with no drilling into your dashboard required.

This black plastic CB microphone clip attaches to any surface with double sided adhesive. While this mic clip may not hold as strongly as a heavy duty mic clip, it also does not require screw holes to mount.

Now it’s possible to conveniently position your two-way radio microphone where it’s easy to reach without making permanent alterations to your vehicles interior with the KMH4-B microphone clip. Also, great for mounting your Ham or other amateur base station radio microphone for quick and secure access where you need it.

For best results clean the surface you wish to mount the KMH4-B with isopropyl rubbing alcohol before installation.

Product Features

  • Universal Black plastic microphone holder
  • Self-adhesive for attach to any surface without permanent alterations
When I received this item the adhesive used to mount the clip was dried up and was useless to me. so I had to purchase some double sided tape to mount the clip. Very dissatisfied for the price of the product!

Dear Brian,
Thank you for letting us know of this issue! We will get this fixed as soon as possible.
CB World
This will not stick to the dash! I had to put a better glue on it to bond the clip to the dash. Now it works nice. I did not want to drill the dash on my new truck so I had decided to go with a stick on. I should have drilled it anyway.
CB Microphone Clip works great with my Astatic D104M6B Microphone. Installed with 3M small Command Adhesive strips so it is easily moved.
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