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MLB2700 27-31 MHz Coil & Rod CB Radio Antenna

Maxrad MLB2700 - NMO CB Antenna

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PCTEL Maxrad MLB lowband antennas are the antennas most used by our nation’s State Patrols, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land management, and many other state and federal natural resource departments. Professional quality, reliability, and performance you can count are at the heart of the MLB2700 antenna. The Maxrad MLB2700 is a 27-31 MHz Coil & Rod CB Radio Antenna providing superior performance for 10 and 11 meter radio operators.

The Maxrad MLB2700 NMO CB Antenna can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle. The best performance with MLB antennas is typically experienced when mounted on the center of the roof of a car or truck.

27 to 31 MHz radio frequencies

The MLB2700 Quarterwave antenna is 4 feet long and compatible with all NMO 1-1/8"-18 thread mounts, including 3/4" mounts.

The PCTEL Maxrad MS Chrome Spring is specifically designed to integrate with the MLB2700 NMO antenna. Not sure if you’re chosen antenna needs an accessory spring as part of the install? CB World’s help center is the resource you can count on to get your question answered. Be sure to consult the CB Antenna Springs guide before purchasing and installing your CB antenna.

The coax cable is the most often overlooked component in any mobile radio installation. The MLB2700 uses an NMO mount that is often pre-soldered on an assembly like the PCTEL BMA mount and coax.

Tune your antenna
The MLB2700 is a field tunable stainless steel whip lowband quarter wave antenna. To ensure the performance of this antenna with your mobile radio tuning the standing wave ratio is required. CB World’s excellent resource on Tuning your CB Antenna has the information on how to accomplish this important part of the radio install.

Power handling
200 watt rating

Product Features

  • The matching coil is supported by a low-loss coil form to withstand the heaviest shocks
  • The tapered coil housing enhances appearance and prevents moisture from entering the load
  • Mates with all 1-1/8"-18 thread mounts, including 3/4" mounts
  • 200 watt base loaded
  • Length: 4 ft.
  • ¼ wave lowband


Approximate Length:
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • NMO
We use trusty CB for backup "unit to unit" communications for back country range rescue, evacuations, etc., when normal systems are overloaded or out of range. So we need reliable, high performance equipment. After trying a number of antenna types we've found the M2700 the next best thing to the old trusty 102 inch whip, mainly for roof mount use on vehicles where it's not practical to install a long whip. We're switching other brands over to the M2700 for both permanent and magnetic mount installations. The cheaper stuff simply isn't holding up.

I would highly recommend the shock spring option for anyone who may drive under low hanging trees or who has a garage door with a low header beam. While the coil and stinger are sturdy, it's not worth damaging the antenna by slapping against something at speed, especially when using a magnetic base that could be knocked loose from the roof.

Hopefully our experiences will guide you toward making smart purchases.
The Maxrad M2700 is high quality, looks great, and works great.
Great fit and with the BMA NMO mount and coax it was perfectly tuned without any adjustment. I mounted this to the roof of my off road vehicle and love it.
The bees knees that cats socks..yea it's all that it looks really cool and is super flexible it whips when u accelerate cb world is amazing they got me my shipment in time safe and sound
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