MCX65CX 5-Pin Microphone 6-Foot Extension Cord

5-Pin Microphone 6-Foot Extension Cord

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Safety and convenience when using a CB Radio its only common sense. Peace of mind is what you get with a Microphone extension cord and this 5-Pin Microphone 6-foot extension cord will extend your 5 pin Cobra/Uniden microphone. In reach but out of the way when not in use, that’s what professional CB users expect from their microphone. The MCX65CX fits many older Cobra CB Radios including the Cobra 148, Cobra 2000, and 142GTL. Additionally this 6-foot extended microphone cord will work on older radio shack CB radios. Coiled convenience when you want it and out of the way when not in use that what makes this microphone unique over other manufacturers’ non-coiled cables.

  • 6 foot coiled cord
  • 5 pin plugs
  • Compatible with the older Cobra 148, 2000 and 142GTL


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