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Microphone Hanger

A microphone hanger gives you a place to keep your CB mic when you are not using it.  We have several models available, including the popular retractable mic keepers from Gear Keeper. 


If you’ve ever had your mic fall off the hanger or dropped it while driving down the highway you know the frustration and safety hazard that can arise while fumbling to pick it up off the floor board. Don’t fall victim to dropped mic – prevent the hazard with a Gear Keeper Heavy Duty CB Mic Keeper.

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Eliminate having a CB mic fall to the floorboard or worse hit you on the head if your radio is mounted overheard. The Gear Keeper retractable CB Mic tether offers an easy to use alternative to metal mic hang up clips. The Gear Keeper lets you avoid using bungie cords to hang up your mic. No more swaying mic as you motor down the highway!

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