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Midland CB Radios

Midland has been manufacturing CB radios since the 1970's. Although their product offering has fallen off over the years, they continue to produce one of the best handheld CB radios on the market today.

Midland keeps it simple with a single model for each price range. If you are looking for a small, economical radio, the 1001LWX is what you are looking for. It is their smallest radio, yet they manage to fit weather scan in there!

The 75-822 is our most popular handheld radio by far. It includes a mobile adapter that allows you to use this radio as a mobile. It also includes battery cases for alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries. It can also be hung from your motorcycle's handlebars when placed in our hard leather case

We also still stock the Midland 79-290, which is the only CB radio available with a detachable face. These are refurbished units, but they are in great shape! You won't find these available anywhere else.

Browse our entire selection of Midland radios below. We back all our CB radios with a 30 day, no hassle returns policy. If you need help installing your new Midland CB radio, check out our helpful resource on how to install a new CB radio.


Just in time for great savings our Midland 1001Z CB radio package includes a sturdy 5 inch chrome external speaker!

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The 1001Z Mobile CB Radio is a performance radio in a compact package designed to fit in almost any vehicle. The 1001Z is a great radio for cars, truck, RVs, and OHVs that need the communication power of CB radio without unwieldy features. The large easy to read multi-function display provide at a glance status and includes a digital power meter with RF output status. The 1001Z is a no non-sense communicator and a very user friendly two-way radio.

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The 1001LWX Mobile CB Radio with Weather Scan is big on performance yet its compact size will fit in almost any vehicle. The 1001LWX is a great radio for cars, truck, RVs, and OHVs that need the communication power of CB radio and the ability to monitor current N.O.A.A. weather channels. The Midland 1001LWX automatically locks onto the strongest weather channel for effective 24/7 weather monitor and alert status. The large multi-function display is easy to read at a glance making the 1001LWX a very user friendly two-way radio.

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If retro is the look you want to roll with, but state of the art technology is what you demand, then look no further. The Midland classic style model 5001 combines the best of the original CB radios with features and functions for the modern road warrior. Smokey’s Bandit will drool with envy over the 5001!

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The Midland 75-785 is a compact handheld CB radio that is inexpensive and easy to operate. It runs on 9 AA batteries. While this is a great radio for the money, we recommend the Midland 75-822 if you have the extra cash.

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The Midland 75-822 is our most popular handheld radio. This is due in part to this radio's outstanding performance as a handheld, but this CB also doubles as a mobile when the included mobile adapter is used. The 75-822 portable CB has all the power and features you could need. Lightweight, this model can be converted from a handheld radio to a mobile radio with the 18-821 (included) vehicle adapter and an external antenna (not included).

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