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Mobile CB Antennas

Mobile CB antennas are installed on pickups, heavy machinery, car, motorcycles and other vehicles. These antennas require a CB mount and coaxial cable for installation. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right antenna including height, type, and the type of mount.

Lengths for CB Antennas range from 8 inches to 8.5 feet, but 3-4 feet are the most common. You want to choose the tallest antenna you can accommodate on your vehicle without striking too many obstacles like garage doors, tree branches, signs, etc. A good rule of thumb for range is 1-2 miles for each foot of antenna.

The type of antenna you choose will be based largely on person preference. We recommend top or center loaded antennas for most situations. The top loaded antennas are fiberglass. The center load antennas are a coil with a plastic or metal housing with a steel whip attached to the top and a mast underneath. Base loaded antennas are good when mounting to a flat surface such as the roof of a vehicle. They are best in the center of a large ground plane.

See our helpful resource how to choose the best cb antenna if you'd like more assistance choosing the right mobile CB antenna for your needs.

3, 4 Ft., Whip, 3/8 inch x 24

If you need big antenna performance for your CB radio rig, but don’t want to tower over the crowd get the Hustler SCB center load antenna. A ¼ wave design the SCB antenna that has been computer designed to achieve peak performance. The Hustler trucker center load antenna delivers durability and performance that is head and shoulders above the competition. Get your Hustler today and see the results for yourself.

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3 Ft., Whip, 3/8 inch x 24

A mid-sized full feature CB antenna the Hustler RG27 is 36 inches for low profile and obstacle clearing function in a tremendous looking antenna.

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4.5 Ft., Whip, 3/8 inch x 24

High quality at a reasonable price – that describes the Hustler HQ27 55-Inch Steel CB Antenna to a “T”! Suitable for all mobile radio mounts the HQ27 has decades of practical used in its rear view mirror.

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4 Ft., Whip, 3/8 inch x 24

For those times when a discreet, low profile CB antenna is the way to go the Hustler FG-27S center load CB antenna answers the call. A 150 watt power rating for 27 MHz CB radios the FG-27S delivers the performance you demand while looking just plain good.

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8.5 Ft., Whip, 3/8 inch x 24

A true 1/4 wave CB antenna will resonate better than any other antennas on the CB band. The Hustler IC56 is an 8.5 foot stainless steel whip that is the perfect antenna if you are serious about performance. When paired with an 18 foot coax, this antenna is the ideal length for any CB. The IC56 antenna when matched to properly selected accessories from CB World will outshine all other CB antennas for all mobile installations.

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