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Mobile CB Radios

Any CB radio that is not in a fixed location (ie, radios installed in vehicles) is a mobile CB radio. Handheld radios are set apart in their own class, so they are not generally considered mobile radios. Most of the radios we have on the site are mobiles. We have over 40 models from the 4 major manufacturers.

There are many benefits to installing a mobile CB radio in your vehicle:

  • Adds a level of safety for road trips, vacations, and every day travel by giving you an extra form of communication that doesn't rely on towers like cell phones
  • Keeps you in touch with other vehicles you are traveling with.
  • Allows you to contact truckers and other drivers for info on weather, speed traps, accidents, etc.
  • Adds value to the vehicle (much like installing an aftermarket stereo).

You can browse our selection of mobile radios below. The options on the left hand side will let you narrow the selection by brand, features, and price. If you are not sure where to begin, please see our guide to choosing the best CB radio. If you need help installing your new mobile CB radio, we suggest reading our resourceful guide to installing CB radios.


The Uniden PC78LTX CB radios are here to Celebrate the legacy of solid performance, classic good looks, and the features that keep customers devoted! The high-cut filter is back in CB that has an onboard SWR meter for getting your standing wave ration just right. The classic Uniden look is easy to see on the PC78LTX with flat black case trimmed in chrome and a highly visible display for every driver!

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The PC787 is a newer Uniden CB Radio. The rich features include NOAA weather channels, easy to read S/RF/SWR meter, and a channel knob that now resides in the middle of the face of the radio. An eye pleasing blue colored backlit display and compatibility with the new BC906W wireless mic make the PC787 a classic looking Uniden radio that looks great and functions with 21st century precision.


The Uniden Bearcat BC880 CB radios is unique, cool looking, and loaded with features. User customizable LCD display offers a choice of 7 vehicle interior enhancing colors that are sure to make the BC880 the centerpiece of any mobile radio installation. NOAA Weather channel reception, noise canceling technology, built in SWR, channel scan, and talkback make the Bearcat 880 a must have for confident driving on the open road!

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The Bearcat BC680 is one of the newest CB radios from Uniden. With a large easy to read display and a newly designed pistol grip mic, this is sure to be a popular addition to their long line of great radios.


This radio offers a modern design in an SSB CB Radio.  An impressive feature list and reliable operation make this the radio of choice for many CB users.

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The Uniden PRO505XL is a small radio with a digital display and push-button controls. The PRO505XL radio is very similar to the PRO510XL and PRO520XL but with an updated look and feel. Powered by advanced microelectronics the PRO505XL packs plenty of power with Euro-styling that looks great in any ride.

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The Uniden Professional PRO510XLis one of the smallest CB radios available today. The small size and minimal features of the Uniden PRO510XL make this radio a true workhorse. This Uniden Professional series radio is perfect for rough use in harsh conditions. The PRO510XL is a 40 channel CB radio without any frills that is favored by trucking companies, construction workers, and any industry that just needs plain and simple but reliable two-way radio service. The compact size of the PRO510XL makes this an ideal radio for Jeeps, 4x4x, cars, and trucks with little room to spare.

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This tough and powerful unit is the first in a new generation of trucker radios. When swapping trucks night to night this radio incorporates an antenna...
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The Uniden PRO520XL is similar in size to the PRO510XL with added features like RF gain, noise blanker, and PA out. This is one of our more popular radios and can be in-dash mountable with the use of optional mounting kit. The optional mounting kit will require the addition of an external speaker.

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This deluxe truckers radio is a full featured legend, giving you not just the average bells and whistles, but more.  Since slit seating is an everyday...