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Mobile CB Radios

Any CB radio that is not in a fixed location (ie, radios installed in vehicles) is a mobile CB radio. Handheld radios are set apart in their own class, so they are not generally considered mobile radios. Most of the radios we have on the site are mobiles. We have over 40 models from the 4 major manufacturers.

There are many benefits to installing a mobile CB radio in your vehicle:

  • Adds a level of safety for road trips, vacations, and every day travel by giving you an extra form of communication that doesn't rely on towers like cell phones
  • Keeps you in touch with other vehicles you are traveling with.
  • Allows you to contact truckers and other drivers for info on weather, speed traps, accidents, etc.
  • Adds value to the vehicle (much like installing an aftermarket stereo).

You can browse our selection of mobile radios below. The options on the left hand side will let you narrow the selection by brand, features, and price. If you are not sure where to begin, please see our guide to choosing the best CB radio. If you need help installing your new mobile CB radio, we suggest reading our resourceful guide to installing CB radios.


The 1001LWX Mobile CB Radio with Weather Scan is big on performance yet its compact size will fit in almost any vehicle. The 1001LWX is a great radio for cars, truck, RVs, and OHVs that need the communication power of CB radio and the ability to monitor current N.O.A.A. weather channels. The Midland 1001LWX automatically locks onto the strongest weather channel for effective 24/7 weather monitor and alert status. The large multi-function display is easy to read at a glance making the 1001LWX a very user friendly two-way radio.

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If retro is the look you want to roll with, but state of the art technology is what you demand, then look no further. The Midland classic style model 5001 combines the best of the original CB radios with features and functions for the modern road warrior. Smokey’s Bandit will drool with envy over the 5001!

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