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Mobile CB Radios

Any CB radio that is not in a fixed location (ie, radios installed in vehicles) is a mobile CB radio. Handheld radios are set apart in their own class, so they are not generally considered mobile radios. Most of the radios we have on the site are mobiles. We have over 40 models from the 4 major manufacturers.

There are many benefits to installing a mobile CB radio in your vehicle:

  • Adds a level of safety for road trips, vacations, and every day travel by giving you an extra form of communication that doesn't rely on towers like cell phones
  • Keeps you in touch with other vehicles you are traveling with.
  • Allows you to contact truckers and other drivers for info on weather, speed traps, accidents, etc.
  • Adds value to the vehicle (much like installing an aftermarket stereo).

You can browse our selection of mobile radios below. The options on the left hand side will let you narrow the selection by brand, features, and price. If you are not sure where to begin, please see our guide to choosing the best CB radio. If you need help installing your new mobile CB radio, we suggest reading our resourceful guide to installing CB radios.


President Johnson II bringing 12-24 Volt capability to your two-way radio experience. Five year factory warranty and loaded with features available from CB World!

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Yes, we still have this hard to find Dale Earnhardt CB radio in stock! The Cobra 29 LTD-DE radio has all the same great features of the Cobra 29 LTD Classic, including built in SWR meter, RF gain, and PA out, with the logo, number and style of "The Intimidator". Get your limited edition from CB World today!

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The President Johnny III is a feature rich CB radio that is perfect for use in heavy machinery where space is a premium. Ships with a New York mag mount antenna for low profile reception a true performer right out of the box!

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$289.95 $169.99

The Galaxy DX 959 is one of the most popular radios from Galaxy. This SSB CB radio has all the same great features as the Galaxy DX 949, including built in SWR meter, RF gain, lighted face with adjustable brightness, and talkback, plus a 5 digit frequency counter.

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The Cobra 29 LX BT allows you to integrate your cell phone with your CB radio.  Bluetooth wireless technology syncs your radio and your phone and allows you to view phone information on the radio display and even make calls over your radio!

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The DX 979 CB radio from Galaxy was designed to offer a wide range of features in a smaller chassis. A full 40 channel CB radio that includes SSB capability, talkback, and variable gain controls; it truly is surprising how many features they fit into a 7.25 inch chassis. Pick one of these up and you won't be sorry! Galaxy CB Radios are some of the highest quality available today.

$179.95 $152.90

The Cobra 25 WX NW ST brings more features to the table than any other 25 series radio. The 25 WX NW ST CB radio features Cobra's NightWatch display, weather channels, SWR meter, SoundTracker, and all the great Cobra standard features you would expect.

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The Galaxy DX949 CB/SSB radio is feature packed. The DX949 offers RF/mic gain, built in four function meter with SWR, adjustable brightness front panel, talkback, roger beep, and much more! Order your Galaxy DX949 today from CB World and find out for yourself what everyone else is missing in their CB radio!


The Galaxy DX 939 CB radio is packed with features. These include RF gain, mic gain, RF power, talkback, built in SWR, PA and even more! The DX939 is an AM 40 channel CB radio with Starlite faceplate that glows in an eye pleasing blue shade for enhanced night time viewing. Automatic SWR circuit enables achieving low standing wave ration easier than ever. A full three year warranty is standard. Galaxy is known among professionals for producing high quality CB radios that are easy to operate.

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This radio offers a modern design in an SSB CB Radio.  An impressive feature list and reliable operation make this the radio of choice for many CB users.

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Professional 40 Channel CB Radio is one of the newest mobile CB radios from Uniden! Classic, rugged good looks combined with the most popular Uniden radio features will ensure that this radio finds a home inside your vehicle! A feature bonus is the reintroduced HT cut filter switch – professional drivers enjoy this Uniden radio frequency filter for an improved audio experience. The PC68LTD simply a classic get yours at CB World!

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The Galaxy DX929 CB Radio was created when Galaxy customer’s requested a feature rich, high quality CB, but in a smaller more compact chassis size. The DX929 delivers a medium sized CB that has all of the great features in a high performance radio that makes Galaxy acclaimed industry wide. Not willing to compromise on quality, this radio was packed with essential features like RF gain, noise blanker, PA capability, and a built in SWR meter.