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MY2MX - My2Mx - Y Adapter With 2 Male And 1 Female Motorola Plugs

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The MY2MX Y Adapter with two Male and one Female Motorola Plugs is an ideal antenna splitter for car radio antennas. A 2 foot short adapter cable, the MY2MX is a molded y adapter for two male to one female Motorola plug connections built for a lifetime of rugged use.

The MY2MX Y-adapter is a 75 Ohm RG59U type coax that provide the ideal solution for connecting a car stereo to two antennas. The MY2MX can also connect your antenna for a dual AM/FM stereo to HD radio installation. The MY2MX adapter has been used to connect AM/FM antennas to scanners when used as Y-coupling harness.

Product features

  • Y adapter 2 male to 1 female Motorola plug connectors
  • 2 foot Y cable
  • 75 Ohm RG59U coax
  • Y-coupling harness

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