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No Ground Plane

No ground plane (NGP) CB antennas are designed to be used with RV's, boats, motor homes and other vehicles that don't have a sufficient amount of metal on them for a traditional CB antenna to function properly.  CB antennas require a metal surface under them to create a ground plane (not to be confused with an electrical ground).  See our page on CB antenna ground plane for more information on what a ground plane is and why it is important. 

In short, if you are installing a CB antenna on a vehicle that doesn't have much metal on it, you will need an NGP antenna.  These antennas typically come in a kit, although you can buy components separately if you need a specialized mount.  We recommend sticking to the same manufacturer for the cable and antenna if you are doing this.  NGP antennas require a special cable and antenna.  You can never cut or shorten an NGP cable, but you can lengthen it by adding regular CB coax to the end with a barrel connector.

If you are not sure what type of antenna you need, we have a very helpful guide on choosing the best CB antenna for your needs.

4 Ft., Fiberglass, 3 Way Mount

The Everhardt SNGP4 NGP CB antenna kit is everything you need to install a CB antenna on a vehicle with an insufficient ground plane such as an RV or motorcycle. The 3 way mount included with this kit will allow you to mount the antenna on any post or flat vertical surface. Don’t risk poor performance or worse “blown” radio final transistors get an Everhardt SNGP4 for the ultimate no ground antenna solution.

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4 Ft., Whip, Side Mount

A complete and ready to install No Ground Plane antenna system from Everhardt Quality crafter of ‘Tiger’ products”! The SNGP4SM provides a high quality vertical side mount, 4 foot stainless whip antenna that is base loaded, and 18 foot matched coax with PL259 connector ready to install and get you on the air!

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4 Ft., Fiberglass, 3 Way Mount

Don’t let your CB radio get stopped in its tracks due to poor performance because your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or ATV has little enough metal for radiating ground plane! Everhardt NGP1 is a complete ready to mount No Ground Plane CB antenna kit that features an almost universal 3-way antenna mount, matched coax, and outstanding Tiger fiberglass antenna. Everhardt antennas have been the CB performance leader for more than three decades. If you lack ground plane, you are not out of luck with an Everhardt™ NGP1 antenna kit from CB World!

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2, 3, 4 Ft., Fiberglass, 3/8 inch x 24

Replacement antenna whips for the Firestik FG series no ground plane CB antenna kits. The FireStik FG whips require a special no ground plane cable be installed on a vehicle with no metal ground plane to work properly. Designed for RV’s, Semi-trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles when getting a grounded connection for your CB antenna doesn’t come easy. Field tunable for ultimate performance FireStik antennas carry a five warranty so you know they’re durable for the long haul.

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3, 4 Ft., Fiberglass, Side Mount

This No Ground Plane (NGP) CB antenna kit features a light weight Firefly antenna, 17' Coax, and molded side mount.  Designed for RV's or other vehicles with no ground plane for the antenna.

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Firestik Firefly NGP replacement antenna whips available in 3 or 4 foot lengths and black or white colors.

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    Good arteries are important to your heart like good coax cable is important to your radio. FireStik single lead cable assemblies are made...
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2, 3, 4 Ft., Fiberglass, 3 Way Mount

The FireStik NGP antenna kit is a complete ready to install no ground plane CB antenna kit. NGP kits include your choice of a 3 way mount or roof mount, spring, coax and FireStik NGP antenna. Everything you need to mount an antenna on a vehicle with an insufficient ground plane except the radio!

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2 Ft., Whip, Window Clip

CB radio operators are a unique bunch. When your mobile radio requires a unique antenna solution the ProComm window clip delivers in refreshing style.

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