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No Ground Plane

No ground plane (NGP) CB antennas are designed to be used with RV's, boats, motor homes and other vehicles that don't have a sufficient amount of metal on them for a traditional CB antenna to function properly.  CB antennas require a metal surface under them to create a ground plane (not to be confused with an electrical ground).  See our page on CB antenna ground plane for more information on what a ground plane is and why it is important. 

In short, if you are installing a CB antenna on a vehicle that doesn't have much metal on it, you will need an NGP antenna.  These antennas typically come in a kit, although you can buy components separately if you need a specialized mount.  We recommend sticking to the same manufacturer for the cable and antenna if you are doing this.  NGP antennas require a special cable and antenna.  You can never cut or shorten an NGP cable, but you can lengthen it by adding regular CB coax to the end with a barrel connector.

If you are not sure what type of antenna you need, we have a very helpful guide on choosing the best CB antenna for your needs.