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PCDX48T - Galaxy Power Cord For DX48T And Several Other Models

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PCDX48T heavy duty DC Power Cord for Galaxy DX48T 10 meter radios.

If your 10 meter radio power cord has gone MIA, have no fear CB World has a factory replacement available. DC power cords sometimes get left behind when moving two-way radios between vehicles. Occasionally the plug in connector will fail due to excess use. That's when being able to replace a DC power cord with the same heavy duty quality as the OEM cable will provide peace of mind. Protect your transceiver by using on the factory recommended cable with proper gauge wire and proper factory connector. Don't risk using a DC power cord that is NOT made for you radio. It could be a disaster waiting to strike!

The PCDX48T is a Factory replacement POWER CORD for Galaxy radios DX48T and DX47HP/DX94HP/DX95T/DX95T2. Also Fits Ranger, and other 10 Meter Transceivers that require a 6 Pin Heavy Duty power cable.

Product Features

  • Replacement power cable
  • 6 pin Heavy duty cable
  • 9 foot power cable with modeled connectors
  • Fits Galaxy, Ranger, and other 10 meter amateur radios

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