President CB Radios

President Radios is a true innovator in the field of mobile radio electronics. The first to offer a 12/24 volt compatible series of CB radios ideally suited for installation in the cab of heavy equipment and trucks.

The perfect solution for stay connected while working in a variety of industries. Voice activated microphones, user selectable colored LCD display for use in a variety of working conditions, and compact sized chassis set President Radios apart from run of the mill CB Radios.

The President Johnson II, with its front facing speaker, is easier to hear and fits nicely into DIN slots for a no hassle installation.

The President Johnny III offers radio users all of the features they need and nothing they don’t. President Electronics listened to their customers and these radios are built to meet your expectations.

Browse our entire selection of President CB and 10 meter radios below. If you need help installing your new radio, we recommend reading our helpful resource on CB radio installation.