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President Lincoln II Amateur Radio

President Lincoln II - Amateur 10 Meter Ham Radio


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The Lincoln II is an amateur 10 meter ham radio from President Electronics. This long awaited successor to the popular President Lincoln radio is packed with great features and even has a multi-color display!

Stored Frequencies

The President Lincoln has the ability to save up to 6 frequencies in memory for quick and easy access. To save a frequency (and the band) you just switch to that frequency in the band you want , hold down the memory button until the menu changes and select the memory location you want to save in. Switching in and out of memory mode is done with a single button press. Once in memory mode, you can switch through saved frequencies with the channel up and down buttons. When in memory mode your scan will scan only stored frequencies


When not in memory mode, the scan function will cycle through all frequencies, stopping whenever it locates an active frequency. The programmable dual watch will cycle through two frequencies you set, rather than all the available frequencies.

Noise Filters

The Lincoln II has a few options for filtering out noise in addition to the normal squelch. They are all located on one button on the top left of the radio. Pressing this button will cycle through NB alone, NB/ANL, and both off. Holding down this button turns the hi-cut function on and off.


This radio does include an echo feature that can be adjusted with controls on the face of the radio. The Echo/Echo Set button on the face will switch the echo on and off when pressed and released quickly. Holding down the button will allow you set the echo delay and time.


The roger beep and key beep are both controlled by the same button on the left of the face of the radio. Pressing and releasing the button quickly switches the Roger Beep on and off. Holding it in will turn the key beep on and (preferably) off. With the key beep on, the radio will beep every time a button is pressed.


The power and SWR meters on this radio are accessible through the INDIC button on the face. Pressing the button in while transmitting will allow you to select between power, SWR, or voltage.

Lincoln II Features:

  • Version 3
  • Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector
  • VFO Mode (continuous scanning of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz)
  • Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  • RF Power
  • Manual squelch and ASC
  • Multi-functions LCD display
  • Frequencies display
  • S-meter
  • Public Address
  • Vox function (Hands free)
  • ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT
  • RF Gain / Mike gain
  • Clarifier
  • Channels and memories scan
  • 6 Memories
  • CTCSS (38 tones)
  • DCS (104 codes)
  • Dim
  • MENU function key
  • Beep Function
  • Roger Beep
  • Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW
  • Dual watch
  • Key locking
  • SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
  • Preset 9/19
  • TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable
  • Front microphone plug
  • External loudspeaker jack
  • two year factory warranty

In the box

  • Lincoln II Amateur Radio
  • Power cord with fuse
  • 1 microphone and hanger
  • 1 mounting bracket with fixing screws

Owner's Manual (Lincoln_II_FR_ES_EN_PL.pdf, 2,195 Kb) [Download]

Rebate Form (PRESIDENT_REBATE_FORM.pdf, 3,714 Kb) [Download]

There was no required dealer stamp on the warranty booklet.
The item arrived when promised, and functions beautifully, but the warranty is not valid due to the missing dealer stamp on the booklet which the manufacturer requires.

CB World Edit: It does state that a "dealer stamp" is required in the owner's manual, but that does not apply in the U.S. The warranty for President radios sold by CB World is 100% valid!
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