CB Antenna with Tuning Rings

Procomm JBCXX00 - CB Antenna with Tuning Rings

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The ProComm JBC CB Antenna with Tuning Rings is a base loaded antenna pre-tuned for 27 MHz bandwidth. The ProComm JBC is a Kwik tune antenna that is a uniquely designed for high performance and low standing wave ratio. A low power antenna that is extremely easy to configure, just turn adjustment rings for fine tuning - no cutting of the Whip required. A chrome plated 3/8x24 inch base threads smoothly onto to mounting brackets and connectors.

The ProComm JBC is available with whip lengths in 2, 3, or 4 feet to custom fit your mobile CB radio install.


CB Radio


Available in 2, 3, and 4 foot antenna lengths


The length of the ProComm JBC CB antenna you chose will dictate how a heavy a spring may be need to protect your antenna from stress, wind, or obstacles. CB World’s CB Antenna Springs guide is your go to resource.


The wire that makes the contact between radio and antenna. Your coax is a critical component in your CB installation. Be sure to choose the length that fits your requirements and match the connectors to your mount and radio.

Tune your Antenna

SWR tuning is required even with a pre-tuned antenna such as the ProComm JBC. Let our experts take the mystery out How to tune a CB antenna. Remember with the JBC antenna tuning is accomplish via adjusting the tuning rings, not trimming the length of the whip.

Power handling

25 watt rated

Product Features

  • Base Loaded Antenna Pre-Tuned for 27 MHz
  • Unique High Performance Design for low SWR
  • Field Tunable, No Cutting - Adjust Rings for Superior Performance
  • Chrome Plated 3/8-24 Threaded Base
  • 25 watt rating


Approximate Length:
  • 2 Ft.
  • 3 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24
Excellent product and arrived in 3 days, faster than expected. The 2 ft antenna works great on my Harley and after tuning has great range. Highly recommended
The antenna was easy to tune, but tuned pretty high mounted on the fender.
Antenna arrived in Okla. in just two days. No special handling involved. Amazing! The 24" SS whip antenna with the tuning rings is the only way to go for me. No fussy wire to trim! Took all of about 10 minutes to hook up on my cycle and equalize the SWR readings. Reception and broadcast are fine. Excellent combination of price, ease of adjustment and shipping speed I found. Highly recommended!
Worked perfectly for my fm radio.
item arrived fine,works good,some instructions on tuning the antenna would be appreciated,but i'll make it work.
I always wanted a short whip type antenna because My truck is around trees and the fiberglass type keep breaking. This seams to be a good answer to my problem. The antenna came to my door in around 5 business days and was what I expected. The only thing I felt was wrong was there are no directions on how to adjust the ring to tune it in. I will be able to adjust it by trial and error. but after going through 4 fiberglass antennas this should solve my problem.
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