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Procomm CB Antennas

Procomm antennas are known for being affordable yet still delivering excellent performance. They have an antenna for just about everything and a few that no one else has. They also manufacture the biggest magnet mount we have available.

At only 8 inches tall, the PC108 is the shortest CB antenna we have available. You may have to work with a slightly higher SWR, but you won't be hitting any low branches! Procomm also offers the only window clip NGP CB antenna kit available. This is a great solution for RV's.

If you need a durable antenna for driving through brush or other harsh terrain, Procomm's JBC series antennas have a base mounted coil with a steel whip that will take a beating. We have set screw and tuning ring styles available. Both adjust easily for an ideal SWR.

Procomm has two magnet mounts available that accept 3/8 x 24 threaded antennas. The PCTM5 is a T bar mounted on three 5" magnets. The PCTM5 has four magnets! You won't see either of these beasts tipping over in the wind. Both mounts include a stud and cable. Just screw in your favorite antenna and go!

If you would like more help in choosing the right CB Antenna for your needs, please see our guide on how to choose the best CB antenna.

$31.42 $29.00
Less than 2 Ft., Fiberglass, Magnet Mount

Procomm PC108M - 8 Inch Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

In stock


Procomm SFXX - Flexible CB Antenna

In stock

$33.18 $30.62
2 Ft., Fiberglass, Glass Mount

VCBGM - Procomm Glass Mount CB Antenna Kit

In stock

$70.03 $64.64
4 Ft., Helical, 3/8 inch x 24

TWISTER - Procomm Aluminum Coil CB Antenna

In stock