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Noise Clipper CB Radio Noise Suppressor

NR400 - Noise Clipper CB Radio Noise Suppressor

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Noise Clipper CB Radio Noise Suppressor from ProComm improves the dynamic range of CB or Amateur Radio. Amplifies the signal and reduces the noise from electrical interference. Installs in the antenna line between the radio and antenna, or between the linear and radio if you have a linear.

The Noise clipper is easy to install. The CB and Ant connections on the Noise clipper are SO239 and only require using a coax jumper with PL259 connectors and hand tightening for in-line antenna to device installation.

Three way selection switch for off, low, or max clip setting. You’re in control with the Noise clipper from ProComm, Inc.

Please note that installing this device in the antenna line requires an extra CB coax jumper to go from the device to your radio.

If you are looking for a product that will help reduce and/or eliminate engine noises/interference, check out the AWNSFL noise filter.

Product features

  • Three way switch for off, low clip, and max clip
  • Frequency range: 24-30 MHz
  • Maximum power input: 50 Watts
  • Attenuation: 0-30dB
I bought a noise works OK.not only does it cut out static it also cuts out incoming and outgoing signals advice is check your location and coax.I moved my cb antenna mount from my trunk and mounted it to side of there no electric noise r static like thing is if you can mount CB antenna to car by using a mount that bolts to car you are better off
This thing really works!! I had S-9 noise on my Meter Scale on my HAM Radio on AM Mode and I was able to bring down to S-3 in one and S-0 on two. Get it and the price is right under $30!!
I purchased this noise suppressor to cure my noise problem on my cb base station. To be honest I really did not have high hopes as I have S7 of noise on my receiver. After ordering the filter which I received in just 2 days!! It works great! On minimum setting noise is cut down to S5 and on maximum noise is cut to just S2.I would highly recommend this product and I will be buying at least 2 more for other apps!
I purchased the NR 400 Noise Clipper in hopes of curing my noise problem on my cb base station. On my receiver the signal was S7 of pure noise!!After purchasing the filter which I received in just 2 days, the clipper on minimum will cut the noise down to S5 and on maximum down to S2!!I am very happy with it and will be buying a couple more thanks CB WORLD!!
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