X01RWB - X01Rwb - Procomm Patriotic Cb Antenna

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Procomm standard fiberglass antennas in patriotic red,white, and blue colors – perfect for the 4th of July, Veterans, andmemorial day celebrations! Rated at 750watts this Procomm can handle any CB radio on today’s market.

Procomm Patriotic CB antennas are top loaded ¼ wavehelically wound with 20 gauge copper wire. Factory tuned and field adjustable forachieving excellent standing wave!

Product Features


11 meter 27 MHz CB radio frequencies


3/8x24 threaded antenna stud mounts


3 or 4 foot fiberglass whip


Springs are an optional

accessory for the Firestik II antenna. We recommend one in most cases. That can

protect your antenna if you hit a low hanging branch or garage entrance. A

medium spring like the SS3M is recommended for 2-3 foot Firestik II antennas. A

heavy spring like the SS3H is recommended for 4-5 antennas.


18 foot RG58 or RG8X coax is recommend for peak

performance of the Procomm antennas.

Tune your Antenna

All CB radio antennas needto be tuned. The Firestik 2 is no different. The bare hands tunable tip makesthe process much simpler, though. We have more information in our guide to tuningyour CB antenna.

Power handling

750 watts

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