RG8X Coax with Weather Boot

XXS8XCN13 - Procomm RG8X Coax with Weather Boot

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A RG8X Coax with weather boot cable from ProComm provides for a flexible, tough, and weather resistant connection for CB radio antenna and similar installations. Don’t neglect this foremost component in your antenna system as a broken or damaged cable can lead to frustration during the install and tuning of your radio equipment. With a removable PL259 connector on one end of the 12 or 18 foot cable, and a weather boot protected PL259 on the opposite end, routing this cable through the engine or passenger compartment of your vehicle won’t become a frustrating exercise. If you need a pliable coax cable for standard length runs with user friendly PL259 connectors, this cable will fit your use quite nicely.

  • Clear coated RG8X coaxial cable
  • Removable PL259 for routing cable in tighter spaces
  • Weather boot protected PL259 on opposite cable end
  • Available in useable 12 or 18 foot lengths
This coax is well made, and with the removable tip, easy to install. I was able to snake it through a small hole in the back of my truck cab and my truck bed. This is the best coax I have owned.
Love the removable end for easier routing and smaller holes.....JT
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