PSXX - Pyramid 12 Volt Power Supply

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The Pyramid 12 Volt power supply is the perfect size for to power up cellular phones, CB radios, police scanners, and more. The Pyramid power supply will supply juice for just about any 12 Volt Low Current Device. Perfect for the home, shop or hobbyist.

Need power to diagnose and repair your car stereo, CB radio, or other 12 Volt electronics? Then a Pyramid 12 volt power supply is just what the repairmen ordered!

A 12 volt power supply that fits easily on any work bench to provide power for a peak and tune on your CB or Ham radio. Anytime you need AC to DC power for consumer electronics the Pyramid 6 amp power supply is up to powering your task.

Pyramid 12 volt power supplies are available in the following models/specs to suit your needs:

  • PS8KX 6 amp, 8 surge
  • PS3KX 2 amp, 3 surge
  • PS4KX 3 amp, 4 surge
  • PS12KX 10 amp, 12 surge
  • PS14KX 12 amp, 14 surge
  • PS21KX 17 amp, 20 surge

Product features

  • Heavy Duty Cabinet and Heat Sink w/Anti-Skid Feet
  • Output- 13.8V DC
  • Input: 115V AC, 60 Hz, 100 watts
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Electronic Overload Protection w/Auto Reset
  • Screw Terminal Connectors
  • Fuse Protected
  • Fully regulated
  • Solid state electronically regulated, low ripple
  • One year warranty
This is just what I needed and your site helped me decide that...Very quick delivery and packing was excellent....
Thanks to CB....
Good product, works as intended.
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