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QRSC3 - Twinpoint Qrsc3 - Quick Release Cb Antenna Mount

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There are many situations when you may want to install a CB antenna on a post or the edge of a surface, but also want to be able to remove that antenna for storage with little effort. If you find yourself in this position, this is the antenna mount you need to buy.

The QRSC3 is an adjustable claw mount with an attached stud pedestal. The mount is constructed from sturdy stainless steel. The claw opens up to 2 inches wide by twisting the triangular handle on the base. By placing the mounting surface (and post or flat surface that will fit in the claw) and twisting the handle back, you can secure the mount in place for operation. You will want to be sure the surface you are mounting to is grounded, or run a ground to the mount. The claw can be mounted with the handle pointing in any direction. The stud pedestal rotates 90 degrees so your antenna will be vertical no matter what angle the mount is at.

The hole in the pedestal is 1/2 inch for studs like the Firestik K4 or the PCTEL BMA. The height of the antenna you can use on this mount is limited more by the mounting surface than the mount.

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Misc Mount
Thread Type:
1/2" Hole

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