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Replacement Whips for Wilson Antennas

Wilson Replacement Whips

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If your Wilson antenna whip has been lost, bent, or cut too short, we have the factory replacement right here. We have replacement whips for every size Wilson antenna currently in production. We also have the short load adapter for Wilson antennas.

The length of the whip is selectable above. Please see the list below for the correct length for your antenna.

  • 36" - Wilson Little Will Antennas
  • 49" - Wilson 2000 and 5000 Trucker antennas.
  • 54" - Wilson 500 CB Antennas.
  • 62" - Wilson 1000 and 5000 antennas
  • 66" - Wilson 1000 and 5000 antennas
I was happy to find this replacement for the whip on my Wilson magnet mount antenna after the old one had been stolen. It came quick and tuned just like the old one. Great product!
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