318GBT Pogo Stick Antenna 18 Foot 3-Section 2000-Watt CB Base Antenna

Shakespeare 318GBT Pogo Stick Antenna 18 Foot 3-Section 2000-Watt CB Base Antenna



30 days


The (now discontinued) Shakespeare Pogo Stick antenna.  Yes, this is the original!  We have a limited number available, and they are going pretty quick.  They are brand new.

  • 18 foot 3 Section marine CB antenna
  • Frequency Range 26-30Mhz
  • Power Capacity 2000 watts PEP
  • The bottom section of the antenna is fiberglass
  • The top two sections are aluminum

318-GBT Tuning Sheet

318-GBT Instructions

318-GBT Catalog Sheet




  • Mast Mount


I had one of these when I first started out in the radio hobby. The noise level and tvi are much lower than the Antron and I max 2000. The packaging tube and antenna arrived in excellent condition. upon inspection of the contents everything appeared ok, except the hardware package looked like it had been dragged over a dirt road.
One set screw was missing, no big deal, just went to LOWE'S and picked up a 8 x 32 x 3/16 pan head machine bolt, worked fine. Also, the internal contacts on SO 239 fitting at the feed point were heavily tarnished. this tarnish is similar to the tarnish that develops over time to fine silver and copper. Again, no big deal, just cleaned it up with cleaning solvent and a small bore brush from my gun cleaning kits. also the white sealant around the metal ferrules at the fiberglass tube had deterioated and dried out causing water to leak internally. I just ran a bead of silicon caulk around both ferrules, problem solved.

Antenna went went up without a hitch and a good SWR.
Overall, pleased with it. My suspicion is that this antenna is New Old Stock and was sitting around for a while or repackaged. Again, for me no big deal, for some one else it might be. Wish Shakespeare still made them, I think theyre better than the other two I mentioned.