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Springs & Quick Disconnects

A CB antenna spring is used to relieve stress on your antenna caused by wind or objects like branches, garage doors, signs, etc. When your antenna hits an obstacle a spring of the proper weight will bend allowing your antenna to clear the object with no or little damage. Typically, a heavy spring is used for antennas 4-5 feet long, a medium spring is used for antennas under 4 feet, and a barrel spring is used for antennas over 5 feet. There are exceptions to this, such as the lighter 4 foot Firefly antennas from Firestik.

A quick disconnect is a device you can attach between your antenna and mount that allows you to remove the antenna quickly when entering areas the antenna won't clear such as garages, wooded areas, or car washes. It also helps when you are in an area that will leave your vehicle prone to theft. The lower half of the quick disconnect will remain on the antenna mount while the upper portion remains attached to the antenna.

Browse our selection of springs and quick disconnects for CB radio antennas. Brands include FireStik, Hustler, Diesel Electronics and Accessories Unlimited. If you're in the market for a new CB antenna, you'll find helpful advice in our guide to choosing the best cb antenna.