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SR655HPC - Sr655Hpc - Stryker 10 Meter Radio

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The Stryker SR-655HPC is a high performance two-way radio designed for excellent transmit and receive quality while offering extreme reliability. The SR-655HPC is loaded with features that are customarily only available on much more expensive radios. This 10 meter radio is packed with serious power.

The Stryker SR-655HPC is a high quality 10 meter amateur radio (export radio) designed for superior transmit, receive, and reliability. It has several popular features to satisfy every user such as back lit controls, adjustable echo and talkback, 6 digit frequency display, clarifier, and variable power output. The SR-655HPC is highly customizable through the on board controls and a PC connection. Programming the SR-655HPC from a PC requires the use of an optional USB capable that does not ship with the radio.

Stryker SR-655HPC 10 Meter Radio high performance radio operates on the 10-meter radio band with frequencies spanning 28.000 – 29.700MHz. A license issued by the Federal Communications Commission is required to transmit on these frequencies.

If you’re in the market for a high quality 10 meter radio that talks great and won’t break the bank the Stryker SR-655HPC from CB World is the two-way radio for you!

Stryker SR-655HPC features at a glance

  • 70+ watts PEP output power
  • Instant channel 9/19 and channel scan
  • Backlit face plate with 7 color options and dimmer control
  • Large digital SWR & S/RF meter
  • AM/FM operation
  • 5 position band selector
  • Advanced noise filters
  • Automatic SWR calibration
  • Variable echo and talk back
  • PC programmable with optional USB to mini-USB cable
  • Three year limited factory warrantyPower OutputThe SR-655HPC can output an impressive 70+ watts PEP through four FQP13N10 mosfet transistors. Multi-Color Display with DimmerThe backlit faceplate and meters on the SR655-HPC radio has 7 color including red, blue, green, aqua, purple, yellow, and white. The color is easily changeable with the press of a button on the radio face. Brightness can be adjusted by switching the DIM/HIC switch to Dim and rotating the channel selector.ClarifierThe clarifier on the SR655 is a little different than a typical clarifier. At 12 o’clock it is at 0k. Turning the knob one click to the right will add 5k to the current frequency. Another click to the right will add 10k. Turning the knob to the left from 12 o’clock will subtract 5k for one click and 10k for a second. There is also a switch on the far right center of the radio that will add 10k.Talkback and EchoThe talkback and echo features on Stryker 10 meter radios are top notch. Both are easily adjustable from the face of the radio with dedicated on/off volume knobs. The talkback on the SR655-HPC radio works very well eliminating the annoying squeal that can occur with inferior designs.Band and VFOThe dedicated band switch on the face of the radio puts the radio in traditional band mode. On the far right center of the radio, a VFO switch can be turned on to allow continuous coverage without changing bands.Roger beepStryker has an interesting feature for fans of roger beep. There are 6 unique tones included with the radio that can be selected through the function menu. You can also connect the radio to a PC and program your own roger beep tones and save them to the onboard memory.ProgrammingThere are several features, including roger beep, which can be customized and enabled through a PC connection to the radio. Most features that can be changed this way can also be modified through the function menus on the radio, but a few require the PC connection to work. A USB cable with a mini-USB connection is required for PC connection. The SR-655HPC does not include this cable.UP-Armored™ ReceiverA Stryker radios exclusive that protects the circuitry during use in severe operating environments.

What’s included in the box:

  • SR655HPC Radio
  • Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Owner's Manual

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