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BC906W Wireless CB Microphone

Uniden BC906W - Wireless CB Microphone

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This wireless CB microphone from Uniden features up to 100 meter range, auto power off, and secure sync technology. It allows you to send and receive from the radio from anywhere around your vehicle. This 6 pin wireless mic is currently only compatible with Uniden BC680, BC880, and BC980 radios.

We had the opportunity to try one of these mics out. We were impressed with the wireless mic over all. The range was actually better than the 100 feet we were initially told. The box states the rage is up to 100 meters, and you can believe it. We took it out over 50 yards and didn’t get out of range. Apparently Uniden used the same technology in this microphone as they do in their wireless phones. This is encouraging. Uniden makes good phones

Since being able to talk 100 meters away wouldn’t do any good if you couldn’t hear the response, this unit has a built in speaker and volume controls. The sound was good sending and receiving. The only drawback is the 6 pin connector on the base unit. The base unit has to connect to you radio, and Uniden seems to have made it for their newer BC680, BC880 and BC980 radios. We hope to find an adapter that will allow you to plug the BC906W into a 4 pin radio, but as of now it isn’t possible. We also tried the Undien BC906W with a Cobra 29LTDBT, and that doesn’t work either.


  • Speaker and microphone in a single unit
  • Secure sync
  • Push to talk control button
  • Volume up/down controls on mic
  • Auto power off
  • Three color LED
  • Find button
  • Up to 100 meter range
  • Belt Clip
  • Car charger plug with USB connection
  • 8 ohm speaker
  • 8 hour battery life
  • 6 pin connector
  • DECT 6.0 digital format @ 1.9 GHz frequency
  • Two year warranty

What is in the box:

  • BC906W microphone
  • BC906W cradle with mounting screws
  • USB charger
  • NiMH battery
  • Belt clip

CB Microphones

Additional Mic Features:
  • Power
  • Wireless
  • 6 Pin Uniden
This really is a great mic, I was able to use the mic from over 1000 feet from my truck so their claim of 300meters is true. The price from CB World was the best I found. Received the mic is two days, I live in Indiana. The shipping was $7.00, most places charge three times that to ship a product the same size.
It's awesome. . Great for fishing on a lake having you mic out of the car. Could somebody please tell me how to make it work on my other 4 pin mic inputs? This would make it handy to switch between radios. I give it a 10 !!!!''
I have been very happy with this mic. The range is all that they say and the battery life is decent. The sound is good too.
Very happy with this product. The range is very good. Great experience.
Very happy with this cb mic. The range is just as described adn the audio is very clear. Completely happy with this purchase.
This has turned into a great asset to have. I am using my wireless microphone in a base station setup. This allows me to move about the property as if carrying a hand held radio, only with the power and antenna system of the fixed station.Ordering from CB World was effortless and free shipping took two business days. Great experience!
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