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Uniden BC980 SSB CB Radio

Uniden BC980SSB - CB Radio

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The Uniden Bearcat 980 is the only current Uniden CB radio with SSB operation. It features a large, easy to read illuminated control panel for easy use in all lighting conditions and comes with a newly designed microphone with a ergonomic pistol grip. This is a great looking radio. I’m a big fan of the digital controls and displays on the newer radios coming out. This one is no exception. I noticed right away the controls feel more solid than some others, namely the Cobra 29LX. The 6 pin microphone plug was a little off putting until I found the 4 pin to 6 pin adapter in the box. Good move by Uniden there. One feature that popped out at me was the channel scan. Probably not that exciting for most people, but I do get a lot of requests for a CB radio with that feature and not many of them have it.

Uniden Bearcat BC980 Features:

  • 40 Channel operation
  • Dynamic squelch control
  • Mic gain HI/LO button
  • RF gain control
  • Frequency Counter
  • Noise canceling mic with extra long cord
  • 4-6 pin adapter available
  • Channel indicator
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • PA/CB switch
  • Large digital S/RF/CAL/SWR meter
  • Backlit control knobs/buttons
  • Local/DX
  • Delta tune
  • Radiodiagnostics
  • ANL/Noise Blanking
  • 7 color display options
  • Easy to read laser etched keys
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Variable talk back
  • Dimmer switch day/night
  • NOAA weather channels
  • Memory Scan
  • Antenna/RF/Voltage indicator
  • Wireless mic compatible

What is in the box:

  • Uniden Bearcat BC980 SSB CB Radio
  • 6 pin CB Microphone
  • 4 pin to 6 pin Microphone adapter
  • Power cord
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Microphone hanger

Installation notes

  • Size: 2.25" H x 7.25" W x 7.5" D (without knobs and jacks)
  • This is a standard sized radio. It will install without difficulty in most vehicles that have some room.
  • The power cord for this radio is detachable for easy routing.
  • This CB radio includes a mounting bracket with two 5mm thumb screws for mounting.

CB Radios

  • SWR Meter
  • RF Gain
  • Weather
  • PA Speaker Out
  • Microphone Gain
  • Emergency Channels
  • SSB
  • Talkback
  • Channel Scan
  • Memory Channels
  • Antenna Warning
  • Frequency Counter

Uniden BC980 SSB Owner's Manual (Bearcat980SSBom.pdf, 1,430 Kb) [Download]

I bought this radio and I did an in-dash install in my Nissan Xterra so far this has been an absolutely wonderful radio works like a champ unfortunately there is a ton of noise in my area and because of that my squelch settings are a little higher than normal which limits my reception ability but when I get out of my area I can turn my squelch almost all the way off and get no static wonderful radio beautifully designed very powerful I would recommend this radio to anybody and everybody that desires a CB radio
I bought this for an early 51st birthday gift,awesome recieve on am/ssb
Great audio reporys,i skipped toBermuda on 980 and my 24 foot maco
3 element beam and D104,getting a few more soon to mount in dashboard of me n yls mobile...
Compared the receiver specs to other brands, this one is better. Its unwanted signal rejection is many times better. It has good sensitivity to SSB, comparable to my communications receiver costing $1500. The unit transmits clear, and I have good feedback on the quality of my audio. Controls are intuitive to people who use modern electronics.
thank you for your fast service and great price. 2 products from you so far. will buy from you again.
I bought this to use as a base station CB with a roof-mounted, 1/4 WL, antenna. The radio is excellent. One negative is the annoying beep each time a switch is activated or knob is turned; way too loud. I like having a beep, but some sort of volume adjustment would be nice. There is a "mod" to remove the beep entirely, but I would just like to lower the intensity. Great radio, and sofar, I am very pleased. Service from CB World is excellent, as well!
Great radio. Clarity on SSB output is fantastic. Receive is a little quieter on SSB than AM but it is fine. Mic is adequate but not as punchy as say my Cobra 18 Stock mic. Mic gain is great. Weather Alert works great. I was talking when it went off. The alert sounds like a car alarm. You can see the screen fine, much better than a Cobra 18 WX ST II. The controls all beep and you can't make it stop unless you snip some things in the board. (So I have heard). Overall great radio, and when paired with my Wilson "Little Wil" 36" base loaded antenna DX land is very possible! I skipped to NY with this radio and my Wilson Little Wil. Conditions were good, but still for 4 watts that's a good little trip there!
You want the good news 1st or the bad news? Lets go with the 1st. Let there be no doubts that this is the best radio for SSB I have owned and I've owned many. No warm up needed. It is rock-steady from turn on. Zero drift. Recption on AM and SSB is outstanding with good reports received on AM and SSB. Ready for the bad news? The lable on the back is your 1st clue. My radio was intermittent when received. Rather than send it back I took a look inside. There were 7 bad solder joints and 13 components that were not even soldered!!! Can you believe that?!! I'm a retired electronic components engineer with mass production experience and can see why this is. The radio "appears" to be wave soldered? Those components not soldered had leads that were blocked by the solder wave. Anyway, the radio is working good now but how did it pass QA/QC inspection? I should be provided with a new radio after doing several hours of study and work, to get it to work. I was going to blast Uniden on face book tomorrow as they are doing a poor job of QC on their end but will wait to see what CB World has to say. There is no excuse for poor construction.
this cb radios has it all. it has a new age style. very easy to operate. its talkback functions is very loud it is controllable. this baby has a excellent receive. love the usb and like I said it is a modern cb. it looks durable. this was a gift for my wife, and she is very exited with it. CB WORLD has the best price of all on this cb, even cheaper than the big retailers. YES! I recommend it.
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