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Uniden MK353 Replacement CB Microphone

Uniden MK353 - CB Microphone

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Uniden MK353 Replacement CB Microphone. The MK353 is the factory replacement CB microphone for Uniden PC76XL, PRO710E, and PRO538W CB radios. A generous 6 foot coiled cord with a 4 pin plug fits factory mic jacks with plug and play versatility.

The Uniden MK353 CB microphone is a no thrills 4 pin dynamic CB microphone. It is compatible with any CB radio wired for a standard 4 pin plug. For more information on compatibility see ourCB microphone guide.

Whether your original mic has been damaged or just quit working after a long and useful service life, you’ll appreciate the feel and clarity of a brand new Uniden MK353 CB microphone.

If you don’t need the extra frills of a powered microphone and just want a good solid mic for your Uniden, Cobra, or Galaxy CB radio the MK353 factory replacement is tough to beat.

Product features
This is the factory replacement for the following Uniden CB Radios:

  • PC76XL
  • PRO710E
  • PRO538W
  • 4 Pin Dynamic handheld microphone
  • 6 foot coiled cord
  • Compatible with all 4 pin plug CB radios

CB Microphones

  • 4 Pin
The Uniden MK353 Mic allowed me to put two mothballed CB radios back in business. The pin out on the mic matched both radios with out changing any wiring on it or the PC76XL radios.
The MK353 MIC put my two Uniden radios back in service without any rewiring of the jack or plug. It saved a bunch of time
This is the original stock mic for the Uniden PC76XL. In audio tests, this mic sounds better than most aftermarket mics including power mics. Has a stiff plastc cord that should be replaced with a real rubber, soft cord like CB World's KMC4. When re-wired for 5-pin Cobra/Uniden, this mic got better audio reports on sideband than all other mics tested, barely edging out an Astatic 636L.
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