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PC78LTW Bearcat Pro Series CB Radios with Weather Alert

Uniden PC78LTW - Bearcat CB Radio

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Our Peak and Tune service includes our expert technicians testing your new radio, tuning the output, and adjusting the power and modulation so that the radio sounds as good as possible. Typically the radio will sound 2x better than a non peak & tuned unit
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This deluxe truckers radio is a full featured legend, giving you not just the average bells and whistles, but more. Since slit seating is an everyday event for a lot of truck drivers, it would be nice to know the next truck you drive has properly tuned antennas. Uniden gives you the AWI light. This is an antenna warning indicator alert that warns the drive of a mistuned or bad antenna system, saving your radio from destruction.

Uniden PC78LTW Features:

  • 40 Channel Operation
  • Weather Alert - When activated, You are notified by NOAA weather of local inclement conditions.
  • Dynamic Squelch Control (DSC)
  • RF/Mic-Gain Controls
  • PA/CB Switch Delta Tune
  • Extra Long Mic Cord
  • Backlit Control Knobs
  • Channel Indicator
  • Instant Channel 9
  • Easy Viewing Analog S/RF/SWR/Mod Meter

What is in the box

  • PC78LTW CB radio
  • CB Microphone
  • CB Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Power cord
  • Owner's manual

Installation notes

  • Size: 2 2/8" H x 7 1/4" W x 8 7/8 D
  • This is a larg radio. It is recommended for vehicles with a little extra space
  • This CB radio includes a mounting bracket with 2 5mm thumb screws for mounting.
  • The power cable for this CB radio is detachable for easier installation

CB Radios

CB Radio Size:
Full Featured
  • SWR Meter
  • RF Gain
  • Weather
  • PA Speaker Out
  • Microphone Gain
  • Emergency Channels

Uniden PC78LTW Owner's Manual (PC78LTWom.pdf, 401 Kb) [Download]

Outstanding Radio. Running in my Jeep with 102" steel whip getting 7+ miles. Great radio for the money.
We picked this radio for our RV because of the weather channels. It is very easy to use and the weather comes in crystal clear. It is fun to listen to the CB, too. We have trouble getting people to answer us, though.
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