Uniden manufactures CB radios and accessories. We carry Uniden CB radios from the simple PRO510XL to the new PC687 and PC787.  Uniden is the manufacturer behind BearCat products.  Bearcat is a trusted brand of CB radios, radio scanners, and accessories. 

Uniden BC880 Bearcat 880 CB Radio

Model: BC880


The Uniden BC880 is a perfect blend of functionality and style.  I comes with a wide array of features to keep you in touch and informed.  It also... More 

Uniden PRO510XL Professional Mobile CB Radio

Model: PRO510XL


This is one of the smallest CB radios available today.  The small size and minimal features of the Uniden PRO510XL allow it to endure the harshest environments.


Uniden PRO505XL 40 Channel CB Radios

Model: PRO505XL


The Uniden PRO505XL is the latest addition to Uniden's family of compact CB radios.  It is similar to the PRO510XL and PRO520XL in both size and... More 

Uniden PRO520XL Mobile CB Radios

Model: PRO520XL


The Uniden PRO520XL is similar in size to the PRO510XL with added features like RF gain, noise blanker, and PA out.  This is by far our most popular CB radio. 

Uniden BC980 SSB Bearcat 980 CB Radio with Upper and Lower Side Band

Model: BC980SSB


The Bearcat 980 is the only current Uniden CB radio with SSB operation.  It features a large, easy to read illuminated control panel for easy use in... More 

BRVY0567001 Squelch Control POT For Uniden PC122 CB Radio

Model: BRVY0567001


This is a factory replacement squelch control for the Uniden PC122 CB Radio.  It measures 1 5/16" x 5/8" x 1/2".  This is the internal control... More 

Uniden PC68LTW CB Radio with Weather Alert

Model: PC68LTW


The PC68LTW adds weather channels and a back lighted face plate to an already great set of features from the PC68XL.  The back lighted faceplate will allow you to see the controls better, and the Dynamic Squelch Control will allow you to hear transmissions more clearly. 

Uniden PC78XL Bearcat Pro Series CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch Control

Model: PC78XL


This tough and powerful unit is the first in a new generation of trucker radios. When swapping trucks night to night this radio incorporates an antenna... More 

Uniden BC906W Wireless CB Microphone

Model: BC906W


This wireless CB microphone from Uniden features up to 100 meter range, auto power off, and secure sync technology. It allows you to send and receive from... More 

Uniden PC787 CB Radio

Model: PC787


The PC787 is a newer Uniden CB Radio.  Features include weather, SWR meter, and a channel knob in the middle of the face of the radio. 

Uniden PC68ELITE Bearcat CB Radio

Model: PC68ELITE


The Uniden PC68ELTE is the top of the line for the 68 series radios.  Features for this radio include a back lighted face plate (with dimmer), pistol grip mic, weather frequencies, Dynamic Squelch Control and more.  This CB radio is a purchase you won't soon regret.

Uniden BC680 Bearcat 680 CB Radio

Model: BC680


The Bearcat BC680 is one of the newest CB radios from Uniden.  With a large easy to read display and a newly designed pistol grip mic, this is sure to... More 

Uniden BC15 15 Watt Communication Speaker

Model: BC15

$29.99   $21.90

The Uniden BC15 external accessory speaker is durable with a rugged design, featuring a two-toned black and silver face-plate. With 15 watts of input power,... More 

Uniden PC687 CB Radio

Model: PC687


The Uniden PC687 features a new look for CB radios with channel selector knob in the middle of the face.  It uses a 6 pin microphone (4 pin adapter included) that is compatible with Uniden's wireless CB microphone.

Uniden BC7 7 Watt External CB Speaker

Model: BC7


Features: 7 watts maximum 2.2 inch speaker Frequency response: 300Hz-5kHz Works with CB's, scanners, and other... More 

Uniden PC78ELITE 40 Channel Bearcat CB Radio

Model: PC78ELITE


This radio is tough and powerful with a rugged 4 pin front panel microphone jack, automatic noise limiter/noise blanker switch, and a DSC system which works... More 

Uniden BC23A 15 Watt Amplified Communication Speaker

Model: BC23A


Features: 15 Watt speaker 8 watt amplifier Noise blanker for clear audio 3.0 inch speaker Frequency response: 300Hz-5kHz Works with... More 

MK393 CB Microphone for Uniden PRO510XL and PRO520XL

Model: MK393


Factory replacement 4 pin CB microphone for PRO510XL and PRO520XL CB radios from Uniden

GDPT416739Z Black Uniden Name Plate for PC122XL CB Radio

Model: GDPT416739Z


Black rectangle, gold "Uniden" lettering Approximately 3/4" x 1/4" One back post More 

Uniden BC20 20 Watt External Speaker

Model: BC20


Features: 20 Watt speaker Noise blankers for clear audio 4 inch speaker Frequency response: 300Hz-5kHz Works with CB's, scanners and other... More 

Uniden PC78LTW Bearcat CB Radio with Weather Alert

Model: PC78LTW


This deluxe truckers radio is a full featured legend, giving you not just the average bells and whistles, but more.  Since slit seating is an everyday... More 

Uniden BC645 4 Pin CB Microphone

Model: BC645


This rugged CB mic features an 8 foot, extra flexible, coiled cord.   BC645 Features Electret Condenser Replacement Microphone... More 

Uniden MRF477 RF Power Transistor Motorola

Model: MRF477


These are the hard to find Motorola MRF477 transitors.

MK516 Replacement CB mic for Uniden PC68XL and PC78XL

Model: MK516


Replacement 4 pin mic for the PC68XL and PC78XL.  This mic also fits all newer CB radios wired 4 pin Cobra/Uniden.