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Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna

W5000T - Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna

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The Wilson 5000 Trucker CB Antenna is guaranteed to outperform all other chrome plated copper tubing antennas!

The Wilson 5000 is a big performer capable of handling 5000 watts of power thanks to a Solid 3/16 inch, 100% silver plated wire. A stainless steel whip style antenna designed not to ice up in winter weather, with a removable high impact all black Mobay Thermoplastic coil for safe keeping or easier garage entry. Durable with a patented low loss design the Wilson 5000 is available with your choice of 5 or 10 inch shaft and 49 inch whip.

The Wilson 5000 trucker CB antenna is perfect for either single or dual antenna configurations. The center loaded coil of Wilson 5000 mobile antenna can reach over the top truck cabs for better performance than base or top load antennas.

The Wilson 5000 is fully field tunable for 27 MHz Citizens Band radio and 10 meter amateur radio bands. And if your radio is capable of receiving N.O.A.A. Weather channels the Wilson 5000 can pull in those signal too!

For detailed information on installation of CB antennas and equipment be sure to look over the CB World Help Center, we’ve put together a great resource that may prove valuable to you in your CB radio journey!

26 MHz to 30 MHz Frequency range & 10 meter amateur band
N.O.A.A. Weather Channel Ready

The Wilson 5000 Truck antenna is compatible with all standard 3/8x24 threaded mounts and accessories and all CB & 10 meter radios.

Choose a 5 or 10 inch stainless steel lower shaft for your Wilson 5000

Antenna springs are often overlooked or not considered when planning a CB radio antenna installation. CB World has put together an exhaustive treatise on the how and why of choosing antenna springs. Be sure to look over this important resource prior to ordering and installing your new Wilson 5000 antenna.

For Single antenna configuration the use of 18 foot RG-58A/U, RG-8A/U, or RG-8X coax is recommended. For dual antenna configuration RG-59 75 Ohm coax is recommended. Be sure to “stuff” extra coax randomly under carpets, dash, or less visible locations. NEVER cut-off excess coax or wind it in a tight coil. This could make SWR tuning impossible.

Tune your Antenna
All CB and 10 meter antennas require tuning in order to perform properly. Don’t neglect this important step in installing your Wilson 5000! A complete guide to tuning and troubleshooting CB radio antennas is available FREE in the CB World Help Center. Be sure and take a moment to read over this awesome resource, it’ll be time well spent!

Power handling
5000 Watt power rating on AM & 20,000 Watts on SSB!

Product features

  • Low loss coil design
  • Removable coil for storage and garage access
  • Made with High Impact Mobay Thermoplastic
  • 6 Gauge Silver Plated Solid Copper Wire
  • Power Capacity 5,000 Watts AM, 20,000 Watts SSB
  • 49" 17-7 PH Tapered Stainless Steel Whip
  • 5" or 10" shaft
  • Because of Heavy Torque, A good quality mount with Stainless Steel Stud adapter is recommended
  • 26 MHz to 30 MHz Frequency range & 10 meter amateur band
  • N.O.A.A. Weather Channel Ready
  • Installation and tuning tips included
  • Limited One-Year Warranty


Approximate Length:
  • 5 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24
Great antenna. Calibrated very easy with low SWR reading...Again very good customer service. Thank you, Mike
Having a hard time tuning it in on an 08 jeep wrangler four door. Still playing with it.
If you are putting out any kind of power, Wilson CB antennas are the way to go. I have run a dual setup of yhr trucker antennas for years. They are sturdy, reliable and tune well.
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