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Wilson Flex 200 Watt CB Antenna

W4FD-B - Wilson Flex 200 Watt CB Antenna

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The Wilson Flex 200 Watt CB Antenna is flexible enough for any off-roader to have peace of mind that they’re CB radio won’t become useless after encountering that first unseen tree limb. Capable of flexing a full 180 degrees the Wilson Flex CB antenna would make Gumby proud!

The Wilson flex is a slim line fiberglass antenna that is highly resistant to breakage or being damaged by low hanging tree limbs or lower clearance garage overhangs. Protect yourself against accidental antenna damage and from damaging your antenna mount. The Wilson flex is completely compatible with any antenna mount or accessory that will accept industry standard 3/8x24 threaded ferrules.

Tuning the Wilson Flex antenna is a straightforward affair. The tunable tip locks securely in place with an Allen key and is protected by a weatherproof protective cap. Just tune your Wilson Flex antenna for lowest SWR, lock the tunable tip in place, and cover the tip with the protective cap.

Jeep drivers rave about the Wilson Flex antenna for trail running – durable, flexible, and easily tuned. All qualities that are highly sought after in any CB radio antenna setup.

Wilson antennas are well known for their high quality products and loyal customers. The Wilson Flex 200 watt CB antenna – durable, top quality, flex-fiberglass antennas that offer top of the line performance for CB mobile applications.

27 MHz

Full compatible with any CB radio. Works with antenna mounts and accessories threaded to accept antenna 3/8x24 ferrules.

The addition of a shock absorbing antenna spring will extend the lifespan of both the Wilson Flex antenna and your antenna mount. Antenna springs can also prevent damage to your vehicle sheet metal and other surface contact points.

Wilson antennas recommends using high quality RG58 coax cable in an 18 foot length for single antenna installations and RG59 coax in 18 foot lengths for each co-phased antenna.

Tune your antenna
Tuning your new Wilson flex antenna for lowest SWR is critical to ensure peak performance of your CB radio. CB World offers a complete guide with detailed instructions on how to tune your antenna in our expansive help center.

Power handling
200 watt power rating

Product features

  • Flexible fiberglass CB antenna
  • Black polyolefin protective covering
  • 1/4" tapered fiberglass rod
  • 24 gauge silver plated wire
  • Adjustable tip for fine tuning
  • Linear top loaded for maximum power transfer
  • Single/dual (co-phased) setup
  • Fully top loaded for best performance
  • Works on AM, SSB, or FM
  • Spaced windings to reduce dielectric heat losses
  • Static reducing weather cap
  • 3/8x24 ferrule
  • Installation instructions on package
  • One year warranty


Approximate Length:
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24
This antenna is great and have one for 5 years. I was using a Cherokee A27 CB walkie talkie with this antenna in my truck and made contact 60 miles away at night.
Great antenna, 3' performer is perfect for bed rail mounting 1/3 clears the cabs' roof, flex/bend is perfect on/off road; quiet on the highway too!
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