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Wilson Little Will Magnetic CB Antenna

Wilson LITTLE WIL - 36" Magnetic CB Antenna

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Wilson Little Wil Magnetic CB Antenna is the smallest magnet mount antenna form Wilson. A perfect choice for a short maximum performance antenna!

The Little Wil magnetic mount CB antenna utilizes Wilson’s exclusive low coil design pioneered in the Wilson W1000 and W500 magnetic mount antennas. The Little Wil is for CB radio operators that need a cost effective high performing antenna but with a shorter whip. NOAA weather ready reception enables your weather channel equipped CB to pick up weather alerts and current forecasts.

A large 10 oz. magnet that is engineered to perform while driving at highway speeds or over bumpy roads is strong enough to keep the Wilson Little Wil firmly in place and transmitting strongly. The Little Wil will continuing hanging on long after other antennas have fallen off and lost by the road. Why waste hard earned money on an inferior magnetic antenna install the Little Wil for the ultimate in performance.

The Wilson Little Wil uses 14 gauge wire for maximum power handling. The Wilson exclusive coil winding allows complete airflow to circulate around the wire which can easily hand a full 300 watts.

A total height of 38 inches keep the Little Wil to a short compact size that is perfect for any car or truck. When mounted on the trunk deck you’ll be able to drive safely straight into your garage without risk of damaging the antenna or car. You’ll be able to easily clear the entrance to parking structures without having to stop and remove the Little Wil.

Increase your over the road driving confidence with a CB radio and Wilson Little Wil antenna. The Wilson Little Wil is the solution you’ve been seeking in a compact, powerful two-way radio antenna!


The antenna of the Little Wil is a rugged 36 inch talk 17-7 PH stainless steel base loaded whip that outperforms many other antenna systems on the market.

Mounting bracket

The Wilson Little Wil CB antenna is an easy to use magnetic mount that adheres vehicle rooftops, trunk lids, and cowls with a strong 3.5 inch diameter 10 ounce magnet designed to not scratch your autos finish.


The Little Wil is ready to connect to your CB radio with a generous 16 feet of high grade coax and PL259 connector.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty coil uses 14 gauge copper wire
  • 16 feet of high grade coax terminated in a PL259 connector
  • Made with high impact Thermoplastic
  • Exclusive low loss coil design
  • 36 inch 17-7 PH stainless steel whip
  • 300 Watt power handling capability (ICAS)
  • Large 3-1/2" 10 oz. magnet
  • Frequency range 26 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Available in a black magnet mount version only
  • N.O.A.A Weather Ready
  • One Year Warranty


Approximate Length:
  • 3 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • Magnet Mount
We use several of these antenna's throughout our mill. They work well, are sturdy enough for the rough environment we use them in, and are very dependable
one of the best magnetic antennas I have ever used.... Very strong and tuned right in... You can't go wrong with this unit.
We use these at the mill and have great luck with them. They hold up well and work great.
I don't consider myself a CB guru by no means just someone that always likes to listen about what's coming up on the road ahead. Also talk with buddies on road trips and off-roading. The Little Wil is a great mid-size antenna. Easy to install and very easy to tune. The only complaint that I have is that 16 feet of cable goes quick. I am Tx/Rx a few miles in rolling hills of PA in conjunction with my Cobra 18 WX ST II.
I had no luck with the Little Will. I had it on the center of the roof on my suv and, no joke, rode past a trucker who was talking on the cb and I could barely hear him! On another day I asked for a radio check, received no reply and asked again and heard truckers complaining about me asking for two radio checks in 5 minutes, so they could hear me the first time but I couldn't hear them. After 2 weeks of this I went to the local truck stop and bought a Firestik kw4, wilson stud mount and a heavy duty spring, drilled a hole in the roof and and installed a real antenna. I went to the Firestik website and they say the ground from the radio is for the radio only and provides a false ground for the antenna and that is why you should only use a magnet mount for emergencies. That made sense to me because whenever I would touch the Little Will with the radio on the signal would cut out so I knew I had a ground problem. Also, a top load antenna is the best. I ran 12 gauge wire from the inside of the vehicle between the washer on the stud mount and the suv roof to a ground on the vehicle frame and my signal doesn't cut out any when I touch the antenna and I receive and send a great signal. I receive positive feedback now! Save yourself time and money and stay away from magnet mount antenna's and use a top load antenna.
All I have to say is MAGNETICIFICENT base loaded whip. Beats my dual 3' top loaded co-phased. Paired this wqith my new BC 980 SSB, I skipped to NY on the system! Bone stock & legal, made it to NY with 3dB's on their RX!
Good item for a good price. Anyway you slice it, if you are going to use a mobile antenna, buy a Wilson. Only took three days to get mine from C.B. World. Came shipped with peanuts in the package. Not the first time or the last time I buy from here. Overall very satisfied.
Appears to be a sturdy and well build antenna. Base is solid and a high quality plastic. Magnet mount seems very strong, I compared it to another magnet antenna and the Wilson held much better! Tried out a quick test and picked up some freeway traffic clearly from at least 1-2 miles. Easy to tune as well (set screw) and I was able to get the SWR readings in a good range. Recommend this antenna if looking for a magnetic mount, much better than some other cheap antennas out there.
The Little Will is a great antenna for on top of the cars roof but not so much on the trunk at least on my 79 Lincoln Continental! Ive had the antenna hooked to my Cobra 25 Classic for two years and wasnt the happiest with performance until I put the antenna on my roof which kind of was out of place but oh well. My Radio has been peaked and tweaked and a bunch of other mods done and this is a great antenna for a van to midsize truck or bigger because if you dont have a nice radio and install it on the trunk lid good luck! Peoples best bet is to buy the 500 mag mount or 1000 mag mount its gonna cost more but the performance will be drastically better! For a pickup or van more than a car!
I have used Wilson antennas for many years and have every confidence that this one will live up to the Wilson reputation. As for service and response from your company, 2 WORDS... GREAT SERVICE. Keep up the good work..
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