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Welcome to CB World!

We are happy that you are here!

CB World has been in the business of selling CB radios and CB antennas for over 40 years. What sets us apart? Our store's staff offers over 60 years of combined experience to help ensure that you make the right purchase, the first time.

Our offering of radios, antennas, and accessories is also the largest online. We have radios from Uniden, Cobra, Midland, Galaxy, and more! We have antennas, antenna mounts, and coax from quality manufacturers like Firestik, Procomm, Hustler, Everhardt, Wilson and Accessories Unlimited. You can find CB accessories such as external speakers, power supplies, headsets, noise filters, and a lot more!

We also have many other communication products that are not CB related. We have scanners, hardware, radar detectors, LED light bars, dash cams, and a great deal more.

Our Help Center is one of the best resources available to help you select your equipment, assist you in installing your equipment, troubleshoot issues, and give you information about CBs in general.

Our original CB shop was opened in 1976 primarily to serve professional drivers right off of I-5 in Albany, Oregon. Of course, we served hobbyists of all types as well. Back then, we were one of several CB stores in the Willamette valley. Over the years...the times have changed. Our retail CB shop is closed down now, but we continue to offer the best variety of quality CB radios and CB antennas online. We have a large variety of customers that we continue to serve including the professional driver community, RV owners, Jeep and off-road enthusiasts, motorcycle owners, hunters, and a wide array of other CB users.

We hope you will consider CB World for all of your CB needs. We truly appreciate your business!