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10 Meter Radio Transmitters at CB World


We offer a nice selection of 10 meter transmitters.  10 meter transmitters are not necessary for your 10 meter radio.  They are amplifiers.  For example, if you have a 45 watt 10 meter radio and pair that radio with a DX350 10 Meter Transmitter, it will increase your power output to 350 watts. 

You can run both a 10 meter radio and a CB radio in the same vehicle but we recommend having different antenna systems for each radio since your antennas will need to be tuned specifically for the different frequency bands.  Most standard antennas will cover both the CB and 10 Meter bands (like the Wilson 2000 antennas), however, some antennas are specifically designed for 10 Meter.  Check out the Firestik TM3.  There could possibly be interference if you run both radios at the same time. To negate that, keep the CB antenna/s and 10 meter antenna/s as far apart from each other as possible. 

$4,749.38 $995.00
DX1600 - Galaxy Texas Star Sweet Sixteen 10 Meter 1600 Watts CW Transmitter

$1,208.66 $966.93
DX1600X - Galaxy 1600 Watts Switchable Class AB / C 10 Meter Transmitter

$404.98 $359.99
DX350HDV - Galaxy 350 10 Meter Transmitter with Variable Power

$676.33 $541.06
DX667V - Galaxy 10 Meter CW Transmitter