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173-W - Shakespeare Fiberglass Loran C Marine Antenna

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Boating enthusiasts worldwide look to Shakespeare ® for quality marine antennas. The Fiberglass Loran C Marine Antenna features hand-soldered connections, brass and copper core, metal ferrules, and polyurethane finish. The model 173 is a classic specialty antenna. The fiberglass Loran C whip antenna is designed to last in the toughest salt or fresh water environments.

A 4 foot tall fiberglass marine antenna that is ideally suited for use where strong Loran C signals are transmitted as well as inland waterways. The top loaded fiberglass Loran C whip picks up strong signals from Loran C towers and DGPS signals. Marine navigation has come a long ways since the days of the sextant and steering by the stars. Make sure your Loran receiver has a quality Shakespeare ® marine antenna.

A Loran coupler is not included with the antenna but can be purchased separately for connecting to your receiver.


  • Loran-C radio navigation systems
  • 100 kHz brief radio frequency pulse
  • DGPS longwave 285 kHz - 325 kHz


  • Loran C receivers
  • Differential Global positioning system (DGPS)
  • Will work for CB as well

Product Features

  • 4 foot Loran C/DGPS whip
  • Top-loaded fiberglass
  • Ideal for strong Loran C signal areas and inland waterways
  • Recommended by GPS manufacturers as a differential beacon antenna
  • Single section
  • Chrome plated brass ferrule with standard Loran C 1" x 14 threads
  • Loran coupler is not included

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