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MU8R18 - Firestik 18' Rg-58A/U Coax With PL259 To Mini-Uhf To Fire-Ring

Firestik, Firestik
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FireStik's MU8R Single Antenna CB Coax eliminates the frustration of routing coax through tight spaces. This is often be the most difficult part of installing a CB radio. The MU8R9 and MU8R18 coax make the job much easier by combining Firestik's exclusive Fire-Ring connector with a removable PL259 connector. The removable PL259 requires smaller hole to run cable and best of all there is no coax to process. Just screw the fitting together to finish the connection.

The mount end termination on these cables is Firestik's exclusive Fire-Ring. You won't find a more trouble free, low-profile connection anywhere. All of the coax connections are internally soldered and protected from the elements. The FireRing termination is designed to fit through any 1/2" (13mm) hole. It also has a built in nylon shoulder washer to keep it centered and short free. This connector requires a longer bolt than is found on most mounts. You will need to purchase the K4R antenna stud.

The PL259 (the big screw on connector that attaches to the CB radio) for this cable is threaded onto a mini UHF connector on the end of the cable. The FireStik coax cable is routed from the mount to the radio. The female mini-UHF connector requires a 7/16" (11mm) diameter hole instead of a ¾" (19mm). When you are ready to attach the coax to the radio just screw the mini-UHF/PL259 connector together. Processing coax cable has never been simpler and requires no soldering for a top quality connection.

FireStik's EZ-Install coaxial cable is available in 9 foot and 18 foot lengths. FireStik recommends 18 foot cables for use with their antennas. Nine foot is acceptable if you just don't have anywhere to put the extra slack.

Remember to never wind up extra CB coax in a tight coil. Always run it in a wide oval or figure 8.

FireRing terminators require the use of antenna mounts with FireStik K-4R stud mounts.

Product Features

  • Choice of 9 or 18 foot coax lengths
  • Easy Cable Routing Through Smaller Hole
  • FireStik's exclusive Fire-Ring Connector
  • No Coax to Process, Just Screw the Cables Together
  • If you need a Stud Mount, Use the K4R ( It has a Longer 3/8" Bolt to go Thru the Fire-Ring)
  • Stranded center conductor maximizes flexibility and prevents untimely breakage
  • Shielding coverage that averages 95% to protect against RF leaks and interference
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longevity
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 50 ohm RG-58A/U coax
  • Still made in the USA!
  • One year warranty

NOT INCLUDED: 1 1/4" 3/8 x 24 bolt needed to attach Fire-Ring to antenna stud/mount. The K4R antenna stud is the stud we recommend if you are selecting this coax as it includes the longer bolt needed to hold the Fire-Ring end.



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