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1912092 - Teraflex Passenger Side Rear Tail Light Antenna Mount for Jeeps

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A simple, clean, and great looking CB antenna mounting solution is finally available for Jeep Wrangler owners.

The TeraFlex Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna tail light mount is available for driver or passenger side for all Jeep CJ, TJ, LJ, and YJ Wranglers. The TeraFlex tail light mount fits Jeeps from 1964 up to 2006. Preserve the stock appearance of your Wrangler while adding a powerful radio communication system to your Jeep.

Easily installs beneath tail light using existing bolts. No holes to drill.  

Select the TeraFlex #1912091 for Left Side (driver side) CB Antenna mount for Jeep Wranglers.

Select the TeraFlex #1912092 for Right Side (passenger side) CB Antenna mount for Jeep Wranglers.

Since 1996 TeraFlex has been a premium manufacturer of components designed specifically for Jeep Wranglers. The TeraFlex tail light antenna mount is a rugged, practical, and great looking CB antenna mounting solution for Jeeps. Easily mount a CB antenna to your CJ, LJ, YJ, or TJ Wrangler tail light assembly.

Note: In order to achieve proper grounding for CB antennas, it is necessary to remove the powder coating from the inside of TeraFlex mount antenna & mounting bolt holes.

Antenna Compatibility

The TeraFlex Jeep CB antenna mount can be used with any two-way radio antenna with 3/8x24 ferrule. Off-highway vehicles typically use a fiberglass antenna and optional antenna spring to withstand the types of rigorous use commonly encountered while driving Jeep Wranglers. For expert advice on How to choose the best CB radio antenna see our complete guide to CB antennas carefully assembled by CB World's experienced professional technicians.Tuning your antenna for SWR is an important performance requirement for any Jeep and the best protection for your CB radio's circuitry.

Recommended Coax with Stud

CB World recommends the ProComm HS818TN-NIP weatherproof CB antenna cable which is a high quality 18 foot RG58A/U cable with NIP-UHF adapter and is the most recommended length for mobile CB radios. The weatherproof coax cable is flexible, but tough and includes a removable PL259 connector for ease of cable routing. A heavy duty antenna stud completes the assembly. The heavy duty stud accepts standard 3/8 x 24 antennas- see K4R.

Be sure to secure extra antenna coax by winding in a wide figure 8, not a tight round coil.

Product Features

  • TeraFlex Wrangler CB antenna tail light mount
  • No drilling required to install CB antenna mount
  • Hardware and easy to follow mounting instructions included
  • Fits all CJs, LJs, YJs, and TJs.
  • Mounts behind stock tail light for a professional looking install
  • Choice of Left hand = driver side (1912091), right hand = passenger side (See 1912092)
  • Complete OEM styled mounting solution


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