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DM452-5 - Twinpoint 5 Pin Echo/Power Microphone W/ Mil 10 Cord

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DM452-5 - Twinpoint 5 Pin Echo/Power Microphone with Mil 10 Cord

The Superstar DM452-5 Power Echo CB Microphone from Twinpoint/Workman Electronic Products makes it easy to add a power microphone to your CB radio for increased modulation and peak output power.

Power microphones pick up the human voice better than a standard stock mic and utilize a gain and amplification system to send audio to the transceiver. The result is a noticeable boost in volume of event the softest sounding radio voices add a deep, loud audio quality to your voice without having to tinker under the hood of your CB radio. Best of all, the DM452-5 power echo microphone makes any CB sound as good as the most expensive radios available on the market.

The Superstar DM452-5 is simple to operate, inexpensive to purchase, and is an extremely effective power mic. Use the Superstar DM452-5 power echo CB microphone to help listeners hear you better over the 27 MHz radio frequency. Presents great echo effects across the usable range.

For best audio quality with the DM452-5, hold the mic in a sideways orientation to properly project your voice for best sound quality and adjust the echo level slide control to the desired setting. Don't forget to speak in a normal clear tone!

The Superstar DM452-5 is an economical alternative to aftermarket modifications of stock radios and is the perfect accessory for CBs without modulation potentiometers. Requires the installation of a 9 volt battery, sold separately.

The DM452-5 is a dynamic CB microphone and is available with a 4 (DM452) or 5 pin (DM452-5) plug. Please be sure you are selecting the correct plug to match your radio.

Product features

  • Power/Echo Citizens Band radio microphone
  • Front slider volume echo control (Echo Level Adjustment)
  • Amplified to sound louder
  • Internal gain adjust POT
  • Built in variable power
  • Echo time control
  • Mil-Spec strain relief coiled microphone cord
  • Choice of 4 pin or 5 pin connector plug
  • The 4 pin plug (DM452) is compatible with any CB radio wired for a standard 4 pin plug (wired Cobra/Uniden)
  • The 5 pin plug (DM452-5) is compatible with Cobra® and Uniden side band radios, including the Grant
  • Requires 9 Volt battery, sold separately

The DM452-5 is an amplified microphone designed to fit some CB and 10 meter radios.

If we are out of stock on this item, you could get the 4 pin version, the DM452, and convert it with the C4P5C adapter.

C4P5C - Converts 4 Pin Standard Cobra/Uniden Mic to 5 Pin Cobra


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