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PCB7-BK SONA 7 Inch Paracord Bracelet

PCB7-BK SONA 7 Inch Paracord Bracelet

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You can never have too much paracord. There are a great many uses for a good cord or rope in every day life. That only compounds in a survival situation. You can use it to make a snare, replace a shoelace, build shelters, tie loads or bundles, slings, repairs, etc. Paracord bracelets let you easily keep several feet of paracord on you at all times. 7 strap ends. Knotted Dimensions: 7" x 34" x 38" Usable Cord Size: 6.88ft x 4mm Diameter. Color : Black. Pull Strength: 430 LBS. Small Wrist Fitting. Fast cClip Buckle. 1931N SGS Tested Great for Emergencies, camping, other outdoor activities, etc.